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Puffback Soot Cleaning – Auburn, NH

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Winter is nearly here! While it’s not officially winter time yet; some places are already experiencing winter weather. Places like Auburn are already in the thick of cold and snow. Winter is well on its way. Time to take out your sleds, put on your warmest clothes and outerwear and go out to build snowmen. Afterwards you can thaw out with a warm cup of cocoa. You’re most likely in the middle of using your furnace. If it’s turned safely on and you’re nice and toasty, that’s great! However, if your furnace has experienced a puffback, you’re probably not so happy (or so toasty). Puffbacks happen when a furnace misfires and sends soot throughout your home via the air ducts. Wherever heat usually goes, soot will go; destroying drapes, furniture, cabinets, bedding and walls. If this has happened to you, you needn’t despair; but don’t try to deal with it alone. Cleaning soot is complicated. You need to call a professional who can help with puffback soot cleaning.

Causes of a puffback

You already know that this happens when a furnace misfires. In more detail; when extra oil or gas builds up in the combustion chamber of a furnace, this built-up oil or gas will cause an explosion the next time the furnace is lit. You will most likely hear a small explosion and your home will be covered in a fine dust; there may also be black spatters on your walls. In some cases, it will include a strong, burnt odor. Whatever the case, if you’ve experienced a puffback, you will need help with the puffback soot cleaning process.

What to do after a puffback

While there is no sure way to prevent a puffback; getting your furnace inspected annually and keeping up good maintenance of your heating system is a great start. Replace or repair any damaged parts if necessary. If your home or business has already endured a puffback you should:

  • Throw away all exposed food. If it has been touched by soot, it is no longer safe to eat.
  • Inform your insurance agent
  • Call a repairman, you must repair the problem as soon as possible
  • Do not attempt to clean yourself. Soot is nearly impossible to clean without the proper equipment.
  • Avoid touching anything. This can spread the soot causing additional damage.
  • Call Soil-Away Cleaning and Restoration for expert puffback soot cleaning services

Professional puffback soot cleaning services

Puffbacks are not a simple matter. They spread unwanted soot particles throughout your property. This may cause dizziness and nausea. Allergic reactions can occur in people who have contact with the soot. Soot can be extremely difficult to detect and clean without the proper tools. For effective puffback soot cleaning call Soil-Away Cleaning and Restoration. They are a friendly, highly-qualified company with over 25 years of service under their belt. They have the expertise and the equipment to deal with this type of situation. Soil-Away will also assist in the insurance claim process. They are available 24/7 at (603) 641-6555.

Written by E. Aceves

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