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Soil-Away provides 24/7 fire and water damage mitigation services to residents of Pelham, New Hampshire (NH). If your property is flooded or has been affected by soot/smoke, we will respond quickly to your needs. Soil-Away specializes in working with insurance companies to minimize your stress during the claim. We have been a trusted cleaning and restoration contractor in southern New Hampshire for 25 years.

Pelham property owners also turn to Soil-Away for indoor air quality solutions. We provide certified mold remediation, air duct cleaning and carpet cleaning services. You do not have to let potentially harmful contaminants affect your quality of life. Call us today for an estimate.

Pelham, NH recently completed projects

Water Cleanup

– A toilet supply line started to leak in a second floor bathroom. This happened while the Pelham homeowners were away for a long weekend. When they returned, they discovered significant water damage. All three floors of their home had been flooded to some degree by the broken pipe. Emergency water cleanup services were needed to mitigate the damages. A certified water damage cleanup crew was dispatched the same day to address the situation. All the affected areas were identified, treated and dried quickly and efficiently by Soil-Away.

Fire Damage Repair

– Faulty electrical wiring caused a fire in an 1800s farmhouse in Pelham. The beautiful structure was saved by the fire department, but sustained noticeable damages. Soil-Away was called in to perform the fire damage repairs. This process included mitigating the water damage caused by putting out the fire. It also entailed cleaning and deodorizing the entire home from the soot and smoke damage. In addition, Soil-Away helped the property owner navigate the insurance claim process. While dealing with a fire damage repair situation is never convenient, the homeowner was extremely thankful for Soil-Away’s effort in returning their irreplaceable 1800’s home to pre-loss condition.

Black Mold Removal

– A Pelham church sustained roof leaks. What was originally thought to be a minor issue, turned in to a major setback when spots of suspected mold started to appear on the sanctuary ceiling. Mold testing confirmed the mold problem. The church called in Soil-Away to perform black mold removal. Approximately 100 square feet of affected drywall was removed. The entire sanctuary was cleaned and treated for mold. In addition to cleaning the structure and contents, Soil-Away also cleaned the air with HEPA air scrubbers. Post inspection by the mold testing company verified that Soil-Away has successfully remediated the mold.

Professional Carpet Cleaner

– Hiring the right professional carpet cleaner for your home can make all the difference in the world. One client from Pelham recently started using Soil-Away because her previous carpet cleaner kept having to post-pone appointments. She ran on a tight schedule and it was not convenient to rearrange her calendar. She was impressed by the professionalism of Soil-Away’s office staff and appreciated the ease of booking an appointment. The carpet cleaning technicians showed up on time and delivered the best cleaning results she had ever had. The homeowner had found her new professional carpet cleaner.

Expert Air Duct Cleaner

– One family was preparing for the return of their father. He had struggled with illness for many months and was scheduled to return home from the hospital. One of the recommendations from the doctors was to have the home completely cleaned. An environment with minimal contaminants would allow for a smoother recovery. Soil-Away was hired as the expert air duct cleaner to clean the entire HVAC duct system. This would ensure pollutants, such as dust, were removed from the home’s ventilation system. The air duct cleaning services were completed right on time for the father’s return.

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