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Mold Removal Services – Amherst, NH

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The Amherst, New Hampshire (NH) homeowners reviewed the mold inspection report.  It was confirmed that they needed professional mold removal services. The report from the industrial hygienist showed elevated mold spore counts throughout the property. Ice dams during the winter caused significant water damage. Unfortunately the homeowners were unaware of some of the water damage until black spots started appearing on walls and ceilings. Fearing they needed mold removal services, they hired a mold inspector to perform testing. Their suspicions proved to be correct. They had a mold problem.

Looking for Mold Removal Services

The homeowners contacted three different mold removal companies that serviced the Amherst area. One of the companies was Soil-Away Cleaning & Restoration based in Hooksett. When vetting between mold removal services, the homeowners were very inexperienced. They did not really know what questions to ask before hiring a mold remediation company. They just did their best. When it was all said and done they went with Soil-Away. The differentiators in favor of Soil-Away where the following: over 25 years of successful company history; family-owned; non-franchise; IICRC master-certified; and satisfaction guaranteed. The homeowners were also impressed by the professionalism of the estimator who visited their home.
The mold removal services started the very next week. Soil-Away’s estimator had written a scope of work per the evaluation of the mold inspector. The mold remediation crew arrived on-time and fully prepared. They followed the protocols established for the project. Full PPE (personal protective equipment) was worn. Containment was setup isolating the areas of the home that needed mold removal services. This included plastic sheathing walls and HEPA air filtration machines. Taking these precautions would help prevent cross contamination.

Mold Remediation in House

Once the workspace was setup, the heavy lifting of the mold removal services began. Affected areas of drywall, insulation and flooring were removed. Building materials were covered in mold growth from the ice dams. Everything was properly bagged and disposed of. Eventually wood studs and framing were exposed in the affected areas. The entire room was cleaned. A round of thorough HEPA vacuuming was followed by washing with a botanical antimicrobial and then another round of HEPA vacuuming. The place was spotless. HEPA air scrubbers were left in the work space for 48 hours to collect any airborne mold spores or dust particles. The mold removal services were nearing completion. All that was left was clearance testing.
The industrial hygienist who performed the initial inspection did a walkthrough. The worksite passed her visual inspection. She also performed tape-lift samples and air samples in the workspace. These samples were sent off to a lab for testing. A couple days later, it was confirmed the mold removal services were a success. The home was returned to pre-loss condition. The mold remediation team at Soil-Away had another happy customer.

Contact the Mold Experts at Soil-Away

Property owners in Amherst, New Hampshire (NH) needing mold removal services should contact the experts at Soil-Away. The company specializes in both residential and commercial mold cleanup projects. If you have an insurance claim, Soil-Away will help work with your insurance company. Property owners in southern New Hampshire have been trusting Soil-Away’s mold removal services since 1990. Call the mold remediation experts today 603-641-6555.

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