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flood damage restoration specialists

Flood Damage Restoration Specialist – Auburn, NH

A young Auburn, New Hampshire man was devastated when the toilet water supply line busted in the bathroom. The cold winter months proved to be a challenge for his home and his bathroom floor—the restroom was flooded with water. He didn’t know what to do, and he didn’t have much time, so he mopped up the floor using as many towels as he could find and headed off to work. When he came back home many hours later, the situation was much worse. The water filled the restroom, seeped through the base of the walls, and infiltrated other rooms of the home. It was evident that he should’ve taken the day off to call a flood damage restoration specialist to come out and mitigate the water damage. Now the damage was severe.

Water Damage Mitigation After Flood Damage

Once the homeowner realized the extent of damage that the water caused, he sprang into action and called his neighborhood restoration company: Soil-Away Cleaning and Restoration Services. The crew of experts were happy to help in any way that they could. They ensured the customer that they could easily restore the home back to normal within no time, and the process wouldn’t interfere with his daily life.

As the first course of action, the flood damage restoration specialist team began working to remove all of the excess water from the home by using truck-mounted extraction trucks. After most of the excess water was gone, it was time to dry out the remaining moisture. Commercial dehumidifiers and air movers were installed. In addition to this, the crew used moisture meters to track water damage to other areas of the house. This was important because if these areas were not detected, then it would leave a window open for mold growth down the road. All affected areas were identified and dried properly.

Prevent Water Damage at Your Home During the Winter

If you sustain water damage, don’t delay in taking corrective action. Call a flood damage restoration specialist to get the cleanup started. If you are concerned about winter water damage there are tips that you can use to help winter-proof your home to avoid such emergencies.

  • Look for any openings to the outside and seal off the holes to block out the cold brutal winds from penetrating your home.
  • Just keeping your garage door closed can keep the unwanted chill from entering the home
  • Shut-off the exterior water spigot to prevent the cold water or air from freezing your pipes.
  • Turn the faucets on very low and allow water to trickle on the coldest nights.
  • If you are leaving your home for a few days, try keeping your heater on so that the warm air continues to circulate.
  • If your bathroom pipes do freeze, you can warm them up with a hair dryer.

Flood Damage Restoration Specialist in Your Area

Soil-Away is a flood damage restoration specialist that serves the greater Auburn, New Hampshire area. If you are looking for a professional IICRC certified contractor to restore your home or office after a major flood or water loss, the team of experts are here to help. With a top-tier customer satisfaction rate and professional-level performance, you will be left in good hands. For around the clock emergency assistance, call (603) 641-6555. 

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