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Emergency Water Removal – Candia, NH 03034

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Rain pounds hard on your rooftop of your Candia, NH home. While you go into the kitchen to grab something to eat, you notice a puddle of water and look up to see that the roof was leaking. Water damage can be a terrifying thing, catch you off guard, and can send you into a state of panic. Remaining calm is one part of the battle but what about the rest? What is a way to remove water before it applies its damaging effects, including mold? Hiring an emergency water removal company may be the answer, but let’s look at the whole scenario.

Your priorities when you discover water damage in your home

First and foremost, when water damage has been discovered make sure to prioritize safety. Flooding poses many potential hazards such as electrocution, slip-and-fall and collapsing ceilings. Stopping the source of damage should be next followed by fast, emergency water removal. To identify the source of the water damage is half the battle, but the other half isn’t as easy. If water is coming from the roof, then have a few large buckets ready. Once a bucket gets full, remove the old one and add a new one under the leak, and empty the water out somewhere. This is a tedious solution as you must keep an eye on the bucket, but it buys you the time you need to come up with a solution on how to put a stop to the leaking roof.

Drying your house to avoid additional damages

After dealing with the source of damage and the emergency water removal, air circulation and dehumidification are two of the main methods of dealing with the remaining moisture. Having fans centered on the affected area and keeping windows open (assuming air outside is dryer than air inside) are ways to help dry out the moisture. Another danger of water damage is that your contents, such as furniture could be affected as well. Be sure to move furniture and belongings away from the sources of water leak or flooded area to make sure they are safe.

Calling professionals for emergency water removal

An easy way out of the mess, and probably one you should do, is to call in a disaster restoration professional. This solution is your best way out of a water damage situation that has gone out of control. They should be prompt to respond to your needs and have emergency water removal crews available 24/7. In the meantime, by following the tips above and what others you might have found should keep the situation from escalating or, in the direst case, become a lost cause. Besides, it doesn’t do much harm to bring one in to help with a water damage situation as long as you do your part in keeping any more water from entering the house.
In the event that your Candia, NH property has sustained water damage, Soil-Away can provide you with the restoration services that you need. As an organization specializing in disaster cleanup services, including flood damage, the team is available 24/7. Call the IICRC certified restoration experts at Soil-Away today at 603-641-6555.
Written by O. Roberts

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