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Candia, NH

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Candia, New Hampshire

Candia, New Hampshire (NH) is one of the priority service areas for Soil-Away Cleaning & Restoration Services. Residents who have sustained a fire, water or mold damage emergency will receive prompt attention and results. The community of Candia chooses Soil-Away because they are NH’s only combined IICRC master certified, NADCA certified and Esporta certified restoration contractor. Soil-Away is available 24/7 to respond to all flood and fire emergencies.

For 25 years Soil-Away has proudly served the community of Candia. In addition to emergency disaster response, the company also offers leading HVAC air duct and carpet cleaning services. Soil-Away is both IICRC and NADCA certified. The goal of these services is to drastically improve the health and cleanliness of your property.

Candia, NH recently completed projects

Repair Water Damage

– A toilet supply line leak in a second floor bathroom created a mess. Water traveled to other areas of the house. It flooded the living room and bathroom below. Repairs for water damage were needed ASAP. Soil-Away was called in to mitigate the water damage. Crews worked to thoroughly inspect and identify all the affected areas. Next they worked on extracting the standing water. The technicians then set up specialized drying equipment to dry the wet ceilings, walls and floors. Everything was dry in just three days.

Fire Damage Cleanup

– The Soil-Away emergency phone rang at 5am. On the other line was a Candia resident. They were exhausted and stressed. The client had been up all night because they had just experienced a fire at their home. They were now displaced at a hotel and needed fire damage cleanup services. A Soil-Away representative met them at 7am at the home to discuss fire damage restoration game plan. Soil-Away took the reins of the project and got right to work. Crews began the demolition and cleaning the very same day. After a week went past the house was completely cleaned and deodorized on schedule. A rebuild contract was able to start the final repairs seamlessly following Soil-Away’s cleanup.

Affordable Mold Remediation

– Hiring a mold remediation contractor is an investment. In addition to seeking an affordable mold remediation solution, you want to make sure you are getting the right value for your needs. One recent Candia client had us bid services at their home. They ended up hiring another contractor because of price. Unfortunately the other contractor was cheaper because it was not an “apples-to-apples” quote. They proposed what the industry calls a “spray-and-pray” scope to take care of the mold issue. After their work was completed the post-inspection test failed. This caused additional frustration and costs for the client. They had to call us in to fix the issues of the other company. When it comes to mold remediation, price is not the only thing to consider.

Steam Carpet Cleaning

– Having steam carpet cleaning services performed at your home on a regular basis can greatly increase the lifespan of your carpet. One of our Candia clients is proof of this. With three kids and a dog, our client has us clean all the carpets in the house twice a year. By regularly removing the spots, spills and deeply ground in dirt it has allowed the carpets to shine. They have had the same carpets for twelve years thanks to Soil-Away’s cleaning abilities. The family looks forward to many more years of extended use without the costly process of replacement.

Air Duct Cleaning Company

– A new furnace installation was nearing completion. Following the service, the homeowner scheduled an air duct cleaning company, Soil-Away, to clean the ductwork. Having a brand new HVAC system circulate air through dirty ducts is not logical. To make sure everything was running at peak level, the homeowner wanted to make sure built up dust and debris was removed from the system. Soil-Away’s NADCA certified crew arrived at the end of the installation to complete the cleaning. Everything was completed on time and the Candia client was thrilled.

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