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Flood Damage Mitigation – Hudson, NH

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Flood damage is a horrible situation for anyone to deal with.  Especially during the holiday seasons or special occasions. For a Hudson, New Hampshire woman, it was the kind of thing that could ruin her day. The Hudson resident was throwing a baby shower when she noticed a water spot in the ceiling and it was still leaking, so she rushed upstairs and uncovered a horrible site. The bathroom floor and hallway were covered in water. “How could I let this happen,” she thought to herself. She didn’t remember leaving the water running, but with all the chaos and bustle of the preparations, a mistake was bound to happen. She decided to clean the area the best that she could and call an expert team to help with flood damage mitigation. She was really unprepared to deal with the sudden disaster, but she knew the possible damage that a flood could cause so she sprang into action.

How to Avoid Water Damage

Being proactive could save you lots of time and money. When it comes to flood damage mitigation, the cleanup process could be extensive depending on the level of damage and type of water loss. Not all of life’s disasters can be avoided, but the likelihood of water damaging your home or office can be significantly reduced when you follow some basic preventative tips.

  • Don’t Let the Water Run Unmonitored

This may sound like common sense, but some water damage cases are due to home owners simply not monitoring their appliances or fixtures when in use. This simple mistake could cost you in the long run, so remember to always keep an eye on things such as washing machines and dishwashers when in use. Its better to be safe than sorry. Also, never leave a room with running water such as filling a sink or bathtub. A simple distraction such as a phone call could lead you to forget, resulting in an overflow.

  • Upgrade Appliances

A good way to prevent major water loss is by upgrading your appliances. Investing in a good high-quality washing machine, faucet, or refrigerator could not only make your home more water-efficient but avoid product breakdowns that are sure to arise with older models. One of the most common appliances to fail is your hot-water tank. These typically have a lifespan of 8-12 years. If your tank is on the older end, you are likely on borrowed time and a burst tank could be around the corner. Check for slow leaks around the base on a regular basis. This is an early sign of tank failure.

  • Check Around for Faulty Appliances

If new appliances aren’t in your current budget, that’s fine, opt for regular maintenance instead. Giving your home a routine checkup will help you catch small leaks before they become a big problem in the long run. Also, if you are going to be traveling or leaving the property, make sure to have someone you trust check on the house on a regular basis. Flood damage is common while people are away on business or vacation.

Water Damage Cleanup Process

In this case, the restoration process was quite simple. The New Hampshire woman was pleased with the results and was happy to know that there was no major damage to her home. The team began by inspecting the affected areas and explaining the planned course of action for flood damage mitigation. Then, the team worked to remove any excess water that could be pumped out using their trunk mounted machines. For the hardwood floors, special floor mat treatments were used to quickly draw out the moisture while maintaining the integrity of the floors and subfloor material. And for an extra boost of assurance, the affected areas were treated with an anti-microbial solution to deter mold spores from growing.

Call Soil-Away for Flood Damage Mitigation Services

Soil Away takes pride in offering their customers expert services. When you are facing a disaster and need fire or flood damage mitigation, there is no better comfort than having a top-notch team there to help. With nearly 30 years of experience servicing the New Hampshire area, Soil-Away has an excellent customer satisfaction rate to prove their dedication. For 24-hour emergency services, call 603-641-6555.

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