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fire damage cleanup and restoration NH

Fire Damage Repairs: Where to Begin

Written by jsolloway on . Posted in Blog, Fire, Smoke, & Odor Damage.

The damage of a fire persists long after the flames are out.  There is often water damage from extinguishing the fire that needs to be addressed.  Smoke and soot can both leave behind a residue on belongings, as well as the walls and ceiling.  Before the area can be considered livable again, these will all need to be addressed, including the sanitization process.

The Fire and Water Damage Restoration Begins

After a fire has damaged your home or business, the area should be sealed off to prevent it from becoming worse.  This will protect any exposed areas of the building from the elements, as well as the contamination from affecting other areas.  Damaged belongings should be removed from the property.  Any smoke, soot and dust will be cleaned from surfaces.  In some cases, the property, even after being cleaned, will still appear charred and stained.  This is where a professional restoration company like Soil-Away can assist to address any lasting damage and to rebuild after a fire.

In many cases water damage goes hand in hand with a fire.  This may be from a triggered sprinkler system or a firefighter’s hose to extinguish the flames.  The water damage will need to be addressed separately, thoroughly drying the area with dehumidifiers.  If the area is not fully dried, this can increase the likelihood of mold growth from the high moisture levels.

Addressing Lingering Odors After a Fire

A big part of the restoration process after a fire is removing any residual smoke odors that may be lingering.  Smoke can penetrate even those items that may appear to be unaffected by the flames, leaving behind a smell.  This can also affect adjacent rooms and areas of the building that were untouched by the fire and are otherwise undamaged.  A thorough cleaning of all items surrounding the damaged area, including carpets, walls and soft contents can go a long way to eliminating the smoky odor.

Once the area has been assessed for damage and the restoration process has begun, you can consider renovating and rebuilding the damaged area.  The team at Soil-Away not only offers restoration services, but they also provide construction to help those affected by a fire to rebuild.

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