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Mold Removal Services– Biddeford, Maine

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Don’t let mold ruin your winter plans, if your home or office has become damaged by mold growth, call the experts! Soil-Away Cleaning and Restoration Services has dedicated 30 years of excellence to the New England community and is looking forward to providing services to Maine for many years to come. If you’re looking for mold removal services in Biddeford, Maine, look no further than Soil-Away!

Mold Removal Services in Biddeford, Maine

A Maine resident called Soil-Away when she suspected that her basement was infected with mold growth. One Sunday afternoon, she walked into her basement to clear out a few old items and was met with a musty odor. Her initial reaction was to freshen the room with a deodorizing spray, but as the weeks rolled by, the strong odor remained. She decided to call a reputable company to come out and inspect the damage, and within no time the crew arrived to inspect the property. After a brief inspection of the basement, it was concluded that the home would need professional mold removal services to remediate the unwanted spores.

Mold Removal Cleanup Process

To safely remove the mold from the resident’s basement, the crew first setup engineering controls. Plastic barrier walls combined with HEPA air scrubbers were used to contain the area and eliminate cross contamination issues.

Next the non-salvageable building materials were removed. Moldy drywall and insulation were cut out, bagged and disposed of. This helped to dry out the infrastructure as well. The exposed areas were HEPA vacuumed and washed with an anti-microbial solution.

The team placed dehumidifiers around the room to complete the dryout process. Additional HEPA air scrubbers were included to capture any airbourne spores. This combination created an environment unsuitable for mold spore growth.

As the final stage in the cleanup process, the crew completely restored the walls and the resident was given a clear plan of action to help avoid mold growth in the future.

Ways to Avoid Mold Growth

In many cases, mold growth can be avoided.  There are steps that you can take to avoid unwanted mold spores from making your home or business their refuge. Here are a few tips that you can use to combat an infestation:

  • Keep the rooms well veniliated and dry

            Use dehumidifiers during humid months to keep the relative humidity levels from escalating. This will help keep the area dry.

  • Monitor appliances, fixtures and pipes for leaks

            Water loss is often caused by faulty pipes and appliance leaks. Stay up-to-date on maintenance to avoid a disaster.

  • Address water damage immediately

            Mold can often follow water damage. If you experience a major water loss such as a flood, call Soil-Away, an expert team of professionals, for water damage cleanup and restoration.

Cleaning and Restoration Services in Biddeford, Maine

Soil-Away is a team of property damage restoration experts who have dedicated over 30 years to helping customers during the tough times. Whether your property is in need of mold removal services, fire damage restoration, or flood damage cleanup, the team of experts are available to assist customers around the clock. The IICRC and Esporta-certified team is equipped to handle any level of damage. Call Soil-Away for help today at 1-800-293-6319! You’ll be glad that you did. 

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