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Mold Testing versus Mold Remediation NH

Three Common Questions on Residential Mold Removal

Effective removal of mold spores is critical to in-home safety. Mold can cause numerous health problems and can exacerbate issues such as asthma. Therefore, it’s important that homeowners have a comprehensive understanding on mold growth and mold removal services. In this blog, our team will review three of the most common questions clients have regarding the residential mold removal process.

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Mold Removal- Bedford, NH

The Bedford house sat vacant for over four months. It was a foreclosure. The former owners skipped town. The bank was now getting around to inspecting it. Amongst other things wrong, the basement needed extensive mold removal services. It was a finished space that was used as a play area for the kids. Now it was contaminated with dangerous mold. Ceilings, walls, and floors of this once prestigious Bedford home were covered in mold. The bank wanted to sell the property, but needed mold removal...

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Mold Remediation NH

Three Tips for Protecting Yourself and Family During Mold Remediation Work

Dealing with mold damage within the family home can be a complex process. There are numerous potential hazards for which to be on the lookout. With the right level of research and common sense approach, homeowners across Manchester, Nashua and Concord, NH can ensure all mold remediation work is completed safety. Here, we take a look at three tips to protect yourself and your family as mold remediation work takes place:

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Mold Remediation- Nashua, NH

Optimism was renewed for the sellers of a Nashua home. Their house, which had been on the market for over three months, was finally under agreement. Hopefully within 30 days they would be closing on the sale. The phone rang and it was their real estate agent. She had just completed shadowing the home inspection with the buyers. The anxious sellers hung on every word of the agent as she passed on the news. Most of the outlook was promising except for one issue: Mold was found in the attic. According...

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Dealing with Mold at Home, In the Workplace

Are you concerned about mold? Interested in learning a little more about the subject? Listen to Jack and Josh on the Girard at Large Radio Show discuss this issue with host Rich Girard. Soil-Away is a certified mold remediation contractor serving New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

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