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Mold Remediation- Nashua, NH

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Optimism was renewed for the sellers of a Nashua home. Their house, which had been on the market for over three months, was finally under agreement. Hopefully within 30 days they would be closing on the sale. The phone rang and it was their real estate agent. She had just completed shadowing the home inspection with the buyers. The anxious sellers hung on every word of the agent as she passed on the news. Most of the outlook was promising except for one issue: Mold was found in the attic. According to the inspector, extensive mold remediation was needed for this Nashua property. The property sellers knew nothing about the mold removal process or where to turn for answers.
Trying to manage the situation, the experienced real estate agent quickly provided them with a solution. She recommended a call to Soil-Away Cleaning and Restoration. Soil-Away had performed numerous mold remediation jobs in the greater Nashua area for her clients in the past. A quick call to Soil-Away and an appointment was scheduled the following day.
An IICRC certified mold remediation project manager did a full inspection of the Nashua attic space. All the areas affected by mold were identified and documented with digital pictures. Moisture readings were taken as well to record the relative humidity of the attic and moisture content of the wood sheathing. Most importantly, the cause of the mold was identified to be blocked ventilation. The Soil-Away representative reassured the sellers and agent that their mold remediation process would resolve all the issues. They scheduled the mold removal job for the following day. Time was of the essence if they were to keep the buyers happy and close the sale on time.
The mold remediation team arrived promptly at the Nashua house at 8:30am as promised. Over the next two days the crew worked diligently over the multiple phases of the mold removal job. They set up critical barriers and negative air flow to isolate the work space and avoid cross-contaminating the rest of the house. All the old insulation was removed and the ventilation was unblocked. They used dry-ice blasting to remove the mold from the sheathing. This was followed by HEPA vacuuming and washing with an anti-microbial. As an added preventative measure, they applied an anti-microbial encapsulant over all the sheathing. New insulation was re-installed which was the finishing touch of the project.
Approximately three weeks following the Soil-Away mold remediation service, the Nashua house was sold. What started as a stressful deal-breaker, turned out to just be a minor bump in the road. The sellers learned that attic mold in Nashua is a common find during home inspections. Mold often makes or breaks real estate transactions. Fortunately, the sellers turned to the right mold remediation specialist to save the day.

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