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Three Tips for Protecting Yourself and Family During Mold Remediation Work

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Dealing with mold damage within the family home can be a complex process. There are numerous potential hazards for which to be on the lookout. With the right level of research and common sense approach, homeowners across Manchester, Nashua and Concord, NH can ensure all mold remediation work is completed safety. Here, we take a look at three tips to protect yourself and your family as mold remediation work takes place:
1)      Assemble the Right Mold Remediation Team
A large part in doing what is best for you and your family is choosing the right people to be in your home. Mold remediation is specialized work. General contractors, handyman services, or your “Uncle Billy” are typically not qualified (or insured) to be performing these services. Mold remediation contractors are trained, certified, and properly insured. Look for credentials from organizations such as the IICRC and RIA.
2) Identify and Isolate Areas of Mold Contamination
Now that you have the right mold remediation contractor, have them identify and isolate the affected areas of the home. Engineering controls such as poly-sheathing, zip walls, and containment chambers are often part of the process. These are accompanied by HEPA air filtration devices both in and outside of the workspace. This is to minimize and eliminate cross-contamination of the workspace and the other unaffected living spaces. Homeowners and their children are NOT to access the workspace at any point during the mold remediation process.
3) Do Not Overlook the Contents in Your Home
Oftentimes, mold is discovered in areas such as the basement. Basements typically serve as an extra living space and/or store area. The tendency of homeowners is to focus on the mold they find on the structure, such as sheetrock walls. Do not forget about the basement contents. Mold spores become airborne and can land on other objects. Depending on the situation, contents may need to be either cleaned or even disposed in some circumstances. You would not want to bring a contaminated chair from the affected basement to the unaffected kitchen or bedroom.
By reviewing these three steps to protect their families during mold clean-up work, homeowners can eliminate many of the dangers they might face during this challenging process. Simply following expert instructions and mitigating clear risks will ensure everyone stays safe and returns home to a clean, mold-free property.

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