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Mold Removal Service- Concord, NH

Mold Removal Service- Concord, NH

The property management company was all ready for mold removal service at one of their Concord, New Hampshire (NH) properties. The three-family home had significant attic mold. The management company had temporarily moved the tenants into a nearby hotel while the services were performed. There was only one problem. The franchise hired to perform the mold remediation called the day of the service and cancelled. This was a large job; A job in which three families and the property management company were relying on getting done quickly. There was no “plan B” for this situation. How would the property management company find another mold removal service on such short notice?

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3 Reasons to Inspect for Mold this Spring

After a long New Hampshire (NH) winter it is advisable to check your property for damage. Taking the time to walk around your building with a watchful eye may help you discover unknown problems that could worsen over time. One example of this is mold damage. Mold can start to grow if excessive moisture has been able to penetrate your home or office. If possible, we encourage you to perform a brief visual inspection for signs of mold. Mold growth is often the result of undetected or unmitigated water intrusion. This is a very common occurrence in the spring. Below we list three threats that should encourage you to inspect for mold sooner than later.


Soil-Away Welcomes Contents Restoration Manager

Recent expansion of Soil-Away’s contents restoration division has prompted the addition of a new management position. Soil-Away is excited to welcome Morgan Lawrence to the family. Morgan will be overseeing the contents restoration services the company provides to its clients. With the addition of the Esporta Soft-Contents Restoration process in 2014, work volume has increased significantly. This pushed Soil-Away to find a leader for the division of the company. “Morgan will help streamline our contents restoration operation,” explains company owner Jack Solloway. “She is a great addition to the team.”

Morgan’s management responsibilities within Soil-Away’s contents restoration division include

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Soil-Away Supports the Granite YMCA

Soil-Away recently participated in the 27th Annual Reach Out for Youth and Families Dinner to support The Granite YMCA. Derek Rogers, business development manager for Soil-Away, attended the event at the Radisson Hotel in Manchester. “I am really glad we were able to support the local YMCA chapter. It was a great experience to connect with so many passionate people about the Y’s mission,” explained Rogers. This giving campaign “provides opportunities for

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The Benefits of Professional Air Duct Cleaning in Spring

Homeowners across New Hampshire have been waking up to spring weather in recent weeks. The warmer temperatures are welcome for most but they do bring with them a separate set of challenges when it comes to maintaining home air duct systems. Let’s examine several of the leading benefits of professional air duct cleaning this spring season for clients in Nashua, Concord and Manchester, NH and the surrounding areas.

Mold Remediation Service- Bedford, NH

Mold Remediation Service- Bedford, NH

Having the need to hire a professional mold remediation service was not in the plans for this Bedford, New Hampshire (NH) couple. They did not think the “minor” water stains on their ceiling from ice dams was really worth making a fuss about. The couple put in an insurance claim for water damage last year and it drastically increased their premiums. They did not want it to happen again. Nevertheless, their mindset changed when “black dots” began to appear on their bedroom ceiling. It was time to get help. It was time to contact a local mold remediation service.

Flooded House Cleanup- Meredith, NH

Flooded House Cleanup- Meredith, NH

Flooded house cleanup is a major challenge for people with second homes in Meredith and the surrounding Lakes Region of New Hampshire (NH). Every spring we encounter eager vacationers fleeing up to their lake homes to prepare them for the summer months. When they enter their properties in April or May for the first time in months, they occasionally get a surprise. The surprise can take many forms but usually the common denominator is water damage. At this point Soil-Away is typically called upon for flooded house cleanup services.

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