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Month: May 2014

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Clean Me! – 3 Most Overlooked Places in Your Home (and Office)

Written by jsolloway on . Posted in Blog, Carpet Duct and Other Cleaning, Tips and Advice.

Everyone is well aware of the cleaning needs that exist for kitchens of bathrooms. However, do you stop and consider the cleaning needs of other high-touch areas. We are talking about elements of the house (or office) that affect your breathing, touch your skin, and are shared by every creature using the property. As you learn about the three most overlooked places in your home where regular professional cleaning is needed, ask yourself, “when was the last time I had this cleaned?”

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Soil-Away Adds Revolutionary Contents Restoring Technology

Written by jsolloway on . Posted in Blog, Company & Industry News, Contents Restoration.

Hooksett, NH – Soil-Away has expanded the company’s contents facility by adding a revolutionary soft contents restoration technology. According to Founder Jack Solloway the patented restoration technology, known as the Esporta Wash System ™, will enable them to restore 85% of damaged contents that are typically deemed irreparable and thrown out.

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Water Damage Restoration- Laconia, NH

Written by jsolloway on . Posted in Blog, Case Study.

The past two weeks had been a whirlwind. This is what the body language of the exhausted contractor displayed as he climbed into his truck. As he turned the key to start the engine, he took one last glance in his rearview mirror at the Laconia property he had just finished the water damage restoration rebuild on. Two weeks ago the property suffered extensive water damage on the first floor kitchen and finished basement.

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Softer Side of Soil-Away: Gardening

Written by jsolloway on . Posted in Community & Civic Involvement.

Soil-Away employee, Debbie Hurley, has been part of the Amherst Garden Club for the past several years. The mission of the club is to provide educational resources and networking opportunities for members to promote the love of gardening, civic landscaping and environmental responsibility. The members have a wonderful time gardening together and being involved in the beautification of local private areas. All are welcome to join the club.

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Flood Damage Restoration- Salem, NH

Building Family Business- Water and Fire Restoration in NH

Written by jsolloway on . Posted in Blog, Community & Civic Involvement, Company & Industry News.

Do you own or manage a business in New Hampshire? Are you a sales professional? If so make sure to tune into Marketing Mojo Radio. Every week the show features advice and professional interviews focusing specifically on marketing your business. Recently, Josh Solloway of Soil-Away Cleaning & Restoration was featured. “The principles for marketing our water and fire restoration services are applicable across numerous markets and professions,” states Solloway. “It comes down to building relationships and having a passion for what you do.”

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Carpet Cleaning- Bedford, NH

Written by jsolloway on . Posted in Blog, Carpet.

In and out. In and out. The flow of patrons never ceased to slow down at the popular Bedford retail store. Customer service representatives focused on ringing up purchases. Warehouse workers hustled to restock shelves and racks. The astute owner walked around picking up on every detail of his store. A light bulb was out near the entry. A sale sign had been knocked off the counter. The carpets were showing heavy signs of traffic patterns and spotting. Professional carpet cleaning was needed.

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Smoke Damage Cleanup- Nashua, NH

Written by jsolloway on . Posted in Blog, Fire, Smoke, & Odor Damage.

A mother is walking back into her house after dropping a letter in the mailbox. She stops and admires the cleanliness of her ceilings, walls, and floors. She takes a deep breath and smells nothing. Why is she so encouraged? Only five days ago her family’s pellet stove malfunctioned causing a small fire in their Nashua home. The fire caused soot damage in the living room, kitchen, bathroom, and two bedrooms. The smoke odor was nauseating and the situation stressful.
The family had lived in their Nashua home for fifteen years. They had never experienced a water or fire damage emergency. Not knowing what to do, they called their insurance company. The claims department connected them with Soil-Away’s fire damage mitigation team. Crews were dispatched immediately. Soil-Away sent four IICRC certified fire and smoke restoration technicians. After two days of cleaning and deodorizing the structure and contents everything had been returned to pre-loss condition.
With the smoke odor now eliminated and soot damage removed, the family could happily return to normal life. Before completely returning to the daily routine the family took the time to write a thank you letter praising Soil-Away’s smoke damage cleanup services.

Water Restoration Professional – Windham, NH

Water Damage Cleanup- Manchester, NH

Written by jsolloway on . Posted in Blog, Water Damage.

A partner in prestigious Manchester law firm sees a strange number come across his phone. It is after 8:00pm, but he answers anyway. On the other line is a panicked voice. The janitor has just arrived for the nightly cleaning and discovered that a pipe had burst. The janitor is quick to describe the water damage throughout the office. As far as the partner knows, no one had been in the office for a few hours. How long had the broken pipe been pouring water into his Manchester office?
The janitor was able to shut the water off to the building, but emergency water damage mitigation services were needed. Carpets, walls, and furniture were soaked. The office shop-vac was no match. The partner was quick to find Soil-Away online and immediately contacted the emergency water damage cleanup team. Soil-Away technicians assembled at the nearby Hooksett shop and rapidly dispatched to the flooded Manchester office.
Soil-Away crews worked into the night to clean up the water damage. By 2:00am, the excess water had been extracted and the scene was setup for drying. Commercial dehumidifiers and air movers worked to remove excess moisture from the structure. All the partners in the law firm arrived Saturday morning to meet a Soil-Away representative to discuss the damages. Appreciation was expressed for the quick response time and competent water mitigation service. By Monday morning the structure had nearly finished drying and most of the equipment was removed. The law firm was able to remain open and operating without any costly downtime.

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