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When Should I Call My Insurance Company After a Flood?

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Many homeowners find it hard to think clearly when a flood has affected their property. Anxiety rises and the questions start mounting: Who do I call to clean up the water damage? Will insurance cover the damage? What should I do first? Where water damage is concerned time is truly of the essence.  You should act fast but must do so wisely. Ensure safety for family members and pets. There are many potential hazards such as slip-and-fall, electrocution, and contamination to name a few. After personal safety, address the water source. Stop it to prevent additional damages. The next two calls are to a water damage restoration professional to start the cleanup and to your insurance company to discuss a claim.

In the Event of a Flood, Stopping the Water Must Be Top Priority

We frequently hear stories about how you must call your insurance company immediately when your home and property are damaged.  In some cases, this is true but when your home has experienced a flood and water damage your primary focus must be on safety and stopping the flow of water into the home. In a scenario where you are dealing with a burst pipe, overflowing toilet or some other disaster, you can shut off the water to the home to prevent any more damage.  As the water rises, more and more of the area will become susceptible to water damage.

For a flood that is the result of a storm or a natural disaster, try to locate the source from where the water is entering the home.  You can then use sandbags, concrete blocks or even old rags and towels to block the water and prevent any more from entering.

Report the Flood to Your Insurance Company

Once the imminent danger and water flow have been stopped, you can now call your insurance company.  It is helpful, though not necessary, to have your policy number and information handy.  An agent will help you to begin the process of filing a claim.  This may mean a visit from an insurance representative and / or taking photographs of the water and the damaged area.

After you are given the okay from the insurance company, the real clean-up can begin.  This will involve not only removing the standing water and excess moisture, but also addressing any damage to the building.

A professional restoration team like Soil-Away can help to identify the extent of the damage and take the necessary steps to restore your property.  Contact the Soil-Away team at 603-641-6555.

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