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Mold Cleanup — Saco, Maine

Mold Cleanup — Saco, Maine

A Saco, Maine resident was devastated when she was told that her bookstore was contaiminated with mold. She could not have customers and workers in a potentially dangerous environment. Mold might get someone sick, not to mention the structural damage to her store. Professional mold cleanup and remediation services were in order.

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Flood Damage Cleanup Service - Saco, Maine

Flood Damage Cleanup Service – Saco, Maine

Flood damage cleanup service may be needed if a property has undergone major water damage. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed, anxious and confused during a tragedy like this, but having a team of experts behind you can turn a negative situation into a positive turnout. No matter the level of damage, Soil-Away Cleaning and Restoration has you covered.

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Flood Damage Restoration - Saco, Maine

Flood Damage Restoration – Saco, Maine

A Saco, Maine resident wakes up to a startling discovery. His basement floor is covered in water. Flood damage restoration services were in order. He set his washing machine to presoak his clothes while he took a brief nap, but little did he know, the appliance was faulty—the water supply line was in need of a replacement.  The initial pipe leak grew increasingly large as the days rolled by and now he was faced with a major dilemma. In a panic, he rushed to haul out all of his camping equipment,...

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