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Flood Damage Cleanup Service – Saco, Maine

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Flood damage cleanup service may be needed if a property has undergone major water damage. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed, anxious and confused during a tragedy like this, but having a team of experts behind you can turn a negative situation into a positive turnout. No matter the level of damage, Soil-Away Cleaning and Restoration has you covered.

Flood Damage Cleanup Service in Saco, Maine

The process for a flood damage cleanup service will vary depending on the size and source of the water loss. For category 1, or clean water loss, most affected items can be cleaned and dried in place. For example, if an entire room is affected by water damage most items will be able to be salvaged. For mitigation of this kind of water damage, the restoration team will use high powered truck-mounted vacuums to extract the water from the floors, and moisture meters will be used to detect the level of moisture present in materials (floors, walls, etc.). Any areas detected to have elevated moisture content by the meter will be addressed and setup for structural drying. In some cases if areas can’t be dried, building materials such as drywall and hard wood floors will need to be replaced to avoid mold growth. 

Evaluating water damage

The water damage mitigation process for category 2 and 3 water losses will be different. These categories of water damage can pose harm to anyone who encounters it. The water typically originates from contaminated sources like washing machines, dishwashers, toilet bowls, broken fish tanks, and the list goes on. Category 3 poses the most risk if exposed. The source of this water could be sewage, seawater, and water from weather-related storms. During the flood damage restoration process for category 2 and 3, the excess water would need to be removed using powerful extraction machines. Porous building materials such as carpet, pad and drywall will be removed and disposed of. The remaining affected areas would also need to undergo a sanitization and cleaning process to remove any organisms or bacteria that might be present.

Highly- Rated Cleaning and Restoration Crew in New England

Soil-Away Cleaning and Restoration is New England’s top-rated restoration team that offers flood damage cleanup services in Saco, Maine. The restoration team is IICRC-certified and is equipped to handle every category of flood damage. The company has celebrated over 25 years in business and is offering its services to southern Maine. Whether your home, business, or office needs a flood damage cleanup service, the crew has you covered. In addition to structural repairs, the team is Esporta- certified and trained to restore soft-contents (textiles) after smoke, mold, or water damage has occurred. Please click here for a list of provided services.

Cleanup water damage right the first time with Soil-Away

If you need a major restoration after a disaster, don’t hesitate! Call a professional team immediately! Trying to repair the damage yourself could end in additional service fees in the long run if the job isn’t done properly, and it could leave your family and friends in danger. Improper flood damage mitigation can lead to unwanted mold growth, so it’s imperative to remove all excess water as soon as possible.

Utilizing a flood damage cleanup service doesn’t have to be a pain, call Soil Away for help at 1-800-293-6319. You’ll be glad that you did!

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