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Mold Cleanup — Saco, Maine

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A Saco, Maine resident was devastated when she was told that her bookstore was contaiminated with mold. She could not have customers and workers in a potentially dangerous environment. Mold might get someone sick, not to mention the structural damage to her store. Professional mold cleanup and remediation services were in order.

Mold Growth from Leaking Pipe in Bathroom

One morning when she arrived at her store, she was met with an overwhelming musty odor. She noticed that the stench was present a week ago, but the lingering odor had grown worse and she was finally forced to take action. She immediately began combing the store for the source of the offensive odor; she stopped when the scent trail brought her to the bathroom; there was a small leak that was caused by a dripping pipe. This pipe appeared to be rusted and a pool of water that was collecting behind the toilet had now made its way to the entire bathroom floor. She also noticed that there was a water stain on the wall.

Not having any prior experience with mold cleanup, she decided to call her husband for advice on what to do about the situation. After her husband inspected the damage for himself, he advised that she call a professional mold remediation company to help restore the property. He was convinced that there was indeed mold growth in the bathroom walls.

Mold Cleanup in Saco, Maine

After careful research and consideration, they decided to give Soil-Away a call. Their online presence and positive 5-star recommendations and reviews won them over. They were confident that the team would know exactly how to save the bookstore at the most reasonable price.

The crew arrived on the scene ready to inspect the property. Within no time, the team confirmed the need for mold cleanup and gave sufficient plans for rectifying the situation in the most efficient way possible. The plan of action consisted of removing all excess water, repairing the broken pipe, and removing the affected drywall. Next a combination of HEPA vacuuming and wet cleaning to remove any remaining mold spores. The entire restroom would undergo a drying process using dehumidifiers, HEPA air scrubbers and fans. After the restroom was completely dry, an anti-microbial solution would be used to prevent the further growth of mold spores from taking over.

The customer recovered from mold cleanup with a smile on her face and a clean smelling property. Her initial emotions of anxiety and fear was transformed into positivity and hope. She was so thrilled of the outcome that she promised to give the team a 5-star Google rating and tell everyone she knows about her positive experience. 

Soil-Away Cares About You

For professional mold cleanup and restoration, call the team that cares. Their positive attitude and excellent customer service transform a disastrous situation into a positive experience. Don’t try to handle mold growth on your own—doing so can harm those around you. Without the proper training and handling of mold growth, you can expose yourself to harmful microorganisms. Because we care about your health and wellbeing, we advise that you always call a professional team to inspect and provide remediation services if mold damage occurs.

Soil-Away Cleaning and Restoration has provided services to the New England area for 30 years. We pride ourselves in delivering high-quality services so that our customers can rest assured knowing that their property is in good hands. If you find yourself in need of a professional cleanup job, call the Soil Away team at 1-800-293-6319. You’ll be glad that you did!

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