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Professional Mold Remediation - Auburn, NH

Professional Mold Remediation – Auburn, NH

Professional mold remediation can become necessary when water or moisture is left stagnant for too long. This becomes a breeding ground for mold growth down the road. To avoid such issues as mold growth, it is important to practice necessary safety tips when dealing with water loss of any kind. In the case of an Auburn, New Hampshire father who came home to discover that his children’s 200-gallon fish tank had been leaking for a period of about five days, he knew that professional mold remediation may be necessary. As a first course of action, he plugged up the hole and securely sealed it to prevent further leaking so that he could remove the tank for repairs. Next, he grabbed the largest towels that he could find to soak up the excess moisture and called Soil-Away, the professional team of experts in his area with great reviews.

The mold remediation team came out to inspect the damage and quickly found that the carpeted area where the fish tank leaked for an extended period of time did result in mold growth and needed an immediate clean up job.

Mold Cleanup and Treatment

For the New Hampshire father, the best recourse was to completely remove the carpet and pad, then treat the subfloor and surrounding area with HEPA vacuuming and anti-microbial cleaners. This was followed by a thorough drying of the area with commercial dehumidifiers and HEPA filtered air scrubbers. This allowed the material to dry quickly without causing any further damage to the structure. The sub-floors were then treated with an anti-microbial sealant to prevent future microbial growth.

The Dangers of Mold

Everyone is worried about their personal safety and should use caution if mold is discovered. It is no secret that mold is known to be dangerous when exposed to it for any length of time. Much like allergic reactions, people are affected differently from mold exposure. Some of the reported signs of exposure are numb or tingling sensations, metallic taste in mouth, excessive thirst/urination, diarrhea or nausea, headaches or allergy-like symptoms. Only a medical professional can diagnose the issue and recommend a remedy. Seeking professional counsel from your doctor is advised. When it comes to getting rid of toxic mold colonies, it is wise to call a professional mold remediation team to handle the situation so that you can avoid putting you or your family at risk.

The Professional Mold Remediation Team

Soil-Away Cleaning and Restoration is an IICRC certified professional mold remediation company serving in the greater Manchester, New Hampshire area. If you’re looking for commercial or residential restoration, why not try a team of experts with nearly 30 years of experience in the field. Their high-level of customer service and pride in their work makes them the right company to contract with. The restoration team not only handles mold remediation but also fire, water, smoke and soot damage restoration as well. Soil-Away is qualified to handle even your most precious items after a disaster has plagued your home or office. With an Esporta certified team, soft-content restoration becomes a breeze. If you find yourself in need of a disaster cleanup, Soil-Away’s team of restoration experts are there to help, and the best part is their services are available around the clock. For emergency 24/7 services, call (603) 641-6555.

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