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Storm Damage Repairs – Hampton, NH

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A Hampton, New Hampshire family was left distraught when their home was severely damaged after a storm. The hurricane completely destroyed the roof and most of the second story. The family needed storm damage repairs but didn’t know who to call for help. They had never been in this kind of situation before and didn’t know where to begin with the reconstruction process. After making several calls, they were referred to Soil-Away Cleaning and Restoration. Within no time, the team arrived on the scene to inspect the property for damage.

Storm Preparation in Hampton, New Hampshire

Storms and hurricanes can send large amounts of water rushing into your property. It can also increase the presence of groundwater which can contribute to moisture buildup around the foundation of the building. The increase in moisture can result in water damage to the property. But there are steps to take to reduce water damage.

Understanding the flood principles will help arm your home or business against mother nature. The four principles are:

  • Depth of water
  • Flood flow and velocity
  • Duration of the flood
  • Water condition and contents

By installing dry flood protection materials such as floodgates, sandbags, and tarps, you can reduce the damage, thus, diminishing the cost of repairs in the long run.

During a major hurricane, strong winds of 100 mph or higher, can send outdoor furniture crashing into the nearest building. Move outdoor furniture, signs, and other objects inside and anchor down heavier items to reduce the likelihood of this from occurring.

There are other helpful ways to prepare for a natural disaster such as developing clear safety procedures, and preparing a life-saving kit. All evacuation routes should be communicated with everyone in the home or office. It is also important to know where the nearest community shelter is in the case of an emergency evacuation.

Food and resources can become scarce during an emergency. Make sure that there is enough food, water, and supplies packed and safely stored in case of a power outage. The supply should last as least 72 hours. This will help keep everyone safe until an emergency respondent arrives.

Starting Storm Damage Repairs

Storm damage repairs can be costly and overwhelming to property owners, but a professional team of experts will work with your insurance company to ensure that your property is back to pre-existing conditions. Make sure that you take a picture of all broken and damaged items for your insurance claim. When it’s safe to enter the building, turn on fans and dehumidifiers to dry out the infrastructure as much as possible. Taking quick action will diminish the chance of mold growth from occurring and reduce storm damage repairs.

Soil-Away is Here to Help

Storm damage repairs are no match for the Soil-Away restoration team. The experts have been working hard to repair and reconstruct damaged properties in the Hampton, NH area for 30 years. Their dedicated team of IICRC and Esporta-certified members are there to help transform a difficult situation into a better experience. Storm damage repairs can be expensive, and if it’s not handled properly, the costs can continue to soar. Don’t let an unforeseen disaster ruin your day, call the team who cares! Soil-Away specializes in cleanup and repairs after a storm, flood, fire, and more. For emergency assistance, call the 24/7 team at (603) 641-6555.

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