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Storm Damage Mitigation – Berwick, Maine

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You can’t prevent a storm from occurring, but you can be proactive in protecting your home or office from major storm damage. Know the risk that your city and town have, and take all necessary precautions in protecting your home, office, and business from major damage. Taking the right precautions may minimize the pain of the recovery and lessen the need for extensive storm damage mitigation.

Helpful Tips for Storm Damage Mitigation in Berwick Maine

  • Stow away or tie down any non-fixed items (toys, bicycles, outdoor furniture)
  • Pull drapes closed to avoid the damage that shattered glass could cause.
  • Bring cars and other motor vehicles into covered parking or garage.
  • Cover any holes and skylights with plastic covers to avoid additional damage. (If you are experiencing a roof leak, cover holes with a tarp.)
  • Trim or remove any fallen trees or dying limbs to avoid additional damage.
  • Activate sump pumps and close backflow valves.
  • Reinforce garage doors
  • Take photos of valuable items for proof of damage in insurance claims.
  • Elevate items off basement floor to avoid contact with potentially flooded surface.

Category of Water Loss Affects Repair Scope

Most people know that floods can cause major damage to homes and businesses, but the category of water loss is crucial in determining how to execute the storm damage mitigation process. No matter the reason for water loss, there are safety measures to take when handling this liquid force of nature.

Contaminated water can pose a risk to those residing in the affected building. The contractor will arrive on the scene and inspect the source for water damage and construct a plan for remediation. If the category of water loss is considered sanitary (category 1) then the standard moisture extraction process is needed, but if the water is contaminated (category 2 or 3) then the affected areas will be considered hazardous and scope of damage repairs are expanded. For example, porous building materials, such as drywall and carpeting, need to be removed if affected by contaminated water.

For the drying process, the restoration team will use their high-powered, truck-mounted vacuums to extract the excess water from the floors (carpet and hard wood). Next, the team will clean the affected space with an anti-microbial treatment. The team will also use dehumidifiers and fans to force any remaining moisture from the materials.

How Can We Serve You?

The Soil-Away Cleaning and Restoration team is certified to handle any disaster that your home or office will be faced with. When it comes to storm damage mitigation, why not trust the team of experts with proven results? The team is available to help Berwick, Maine residents and has dedicated 30 years to ensure top-notch quality service. Don’t let mother nature steer you off course, call Soil Away for your storm damage mitigation needs, you will be glad that you did!

The IICRC- certified team is equipped to restore your property back to pre-existing conditions, and the Esporta-certified professionals are happy to restore all soft materials (clothing, shoes, coats, jackets, bags, stuffed animals, etc.) that are damaged and in need of cleaning, sanitizing, and deodorizing.

The Soil-Away Cleaning and Restoration team can be reached at 1-800-293-6319.

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