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Smoke Damage Restoration – Epping, NH

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The fire happened so quickly. All attention was focused on the burning barn. This Epping, New Hampshire (NH) property was the center of commotion for the community. The homeowners were in shock as they witnessed the blaze. Firefighters did their best, but it was no use. The barn was gone. In addition to the loss of the barn, was the unforeseen smoke damage to their home. The windows were open during the barn fire and the wind carried heavy smoke odor into the house. Having smoke damage restoration performed in their home was top priority.
The Epping home was approximately fifty yards to the east of the barn. Everyone was paying so much attention to the barn fire that no one thought about the house. It was not in flames. Why would anyone pay attention? Unfortunately, windows on both stories acted as vacuums as smoke was sucked through the house. It seemed as if the charred, burnt smell affected the entire home. The smoke damage was severe. It would require an extensive cleaning and deodorization effort.
After insurance coverage was confirmed, the smoke damage restoration team at Soil-Away was called to the scene in Epping. Soil-Away inspected the property alongside the insurance adjuster. They confirmed the heavy smoke odor throughout the house. A cleaning scope was developed for the structure and contents. The insurance adjuster approved the restoration work. Soil-Away proceeded to start.
Soil-Away’s smoke damage restoration contents division went through the house first. Soft-contents, such as clothing, footwear, pillows and blankets, were inventoried. Items were placed in nylon bags for transportation. The filled bags were brought back to Soil-Away’s soft-contents restoration plant in Hooksett. Each smoke damage item was cleaned and deodorized in the Esporta Wash System. Soil-Away delivered priority items back to the homeowners within 24 hours of the pickup.
With the house now cleared from most of the contents, the structural cleaning crews went to work. Smoke damage restoration for the Epping home would take two full days of laborious cleaning. All the ceilings, walls, doors, trim and floors needed to be cleaned. Appliances, fixtures and furniture were all washed as well. The smoke affected everything; therefore everything needed to be cleaned. Room by room, the technicians chipped away at the cleaning and deodorization.
There were two final touches to complete the smoke odor restoration project: air duct cleaning and ozone treatment. Soil-Away’s NADCA certified technicians cleaned the air ducts. There were fourteen vents that were treated. Following the air duct cleaning was the ozone treatment. Soil-Away setup and ran an ozone machine for 48 hours to eliminate any lingering odors. After the ozone treatment was complete the homeowners were allowed to move back in. The balance of the soft-contents were returned. They were extremely satisfied will the results of the entire project.
Smoke odor restoration projects can come in many shapes and sizes. This Epping, NH case was unique in that the smoke odor damage was caused by a fire in a structure 50 yards away from the house. Fortunately it was a successful example of how Soil-Away helps homeowners recover from property disaster. The barn was rebuilt shortly after the homeowners were able to move on with normal life. If you have a smoke damage restoration need, do not hesitate to contact our certified restoration professionals!

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