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Smoke Damage Cleaning – Merrimack, NH

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Soot and smoke damage cleaning is a challenging process for any Merrimack, New Hampshire (NH) homeowner to experience. After a fire, soot settles in every nook-and-cranny and smoke odor permeates the entire property. This is why homeowners should not handle their own fire damage cleanup needs and are advised to leave the restoration process to the experts. Soot damage cleaning companies specialize at thoroughly restoring fire damaged properties. It involves detailed cleaning and deodorization so that soot particles and smoke odors are fully removed. This case study of a Merrimack smoke damage cleaning job is an example of a homeowner who called Soil-Away after their fire and did not regret it.

Stove Malfunction Results in Fire Damage

A retired couple just moved into their custom home. They spent years finding the perfect lot in Merrimack to build their dream home. After the long building process they had finally moved in. Their second night in the house they hosted friends and family for a dinner party. Just one hour before the guests arrived, the brand new stove malfunctioned. It caught on fire and caused severe soot and smoke odor in the brand new house. The couple was distraught, but had to keep their composure. They were personal friends of owner of Soil-Away and desperately needed their smoke damage cleaning services. The dinner party was obviously cancelled because the priority was to clean and deodorize the property.
Soil-Away immediately sent a project manager to Merrimack to evaluate the extent of the fire damage. Moderate soot covered everything in the kitchen and adjacent rooms. The smoke odor was extremely evident as you walk throughout the custom home. This smoke damage cleaning project would require a large crew and a few days of hard work. Fire damage restoration crews were scheduled for first thing the following morning.

Smoke Damage Cleaning Services to the Rescue

The technicians arrived promptly at 8:00am to start the restoration cleaning process. Using specialized sponges and HEPA vacuums, the team cleaned every surface in the home and as a result the soot slowly disappeared room-by-room. The appliance company also removed the faulty stove from the kitchen which eliminated the primary source of the smoke odor.  Despite the frustrating circumstances, the couple kept a positive outlook and realized Soil-Away would ultimately remove all the soot and smoke odor damage from their new house. After three full days of cleaning that was the case and the home was restored to pre-loss condition.
If you have experienced water or fire damage at your Merrmiack, NH property call the restoration experts at Soil-Away! The company specializes in soot and smoke damage cleaning. Soil-Away will help you work with your insurance company so that the stress of dealing with a claim is reduced. The team at Soil-Away realizes the frustrations and challenges that are accompanied with having a water or fire loss at your home. Therefore the entire team is trained to work with a sense of urgency and professionalism to help you recover from property disaster as quickly as possible. Contact the water and fire damage restoration expert at Soil-Away today at 603-641-6555.

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