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4 Things to AVOID after Fire and Smoke Damage

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Fire and smoke damage to your property is a hassle. To avoid creating more of a headache for yourself, we’ve compiled four quick tips to help you avoid more problems or complications…

4 Things to AVOID after Fire and Smoke Damage

  • Do NOT attempt to wipe or wash walls, ceilings or other absorbent surfaces. This includes touching these surfaces with your bare hands. Improper cleaning can actually set stains or cause smudging. It makes cleanup more difficult.
  • Do NOT send your clothing to an ordinary dry cleaner or laundromat. Soot and smoke odor damage requires specialized cleaning. Conventional cleaning may set the stains and odor.
  • Do NOT use or consume food items exposed to the fire and smoke damage. This includes canned goods, beverages or other packaged foods.
  • Do NOT use electronic devices/appliances that may have been exposed to fire, heat or water. They should be professionally cleaned or inspected prior to usage. This includes items such as televisions, refrigerators and stereos.

When going through a fire and smoke damage situation, sometimes it is the things you avoid doing that help the most. For professional fire restoration cleaning, contact the team at Soil-Away. We are fully equipped to clean both structure and contents. Our goal is to help you recover from property damage as efficiently as possible. We are available 24/7 and service south/central New Hampshire (NH) and northern Massachusetts (MA).

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