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Smoke Damage Clean Up – Hudson, NH

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Soil-Away is the premier fire and smoke damage clean up company serving Hudson, New Hampshire (NH). Our IICRC certified technicians will thoroughly clean and deodorize any property affected by potent smoke odor damage. If you are submitting an insurance claim, know that Soil-Away will work closely with you to ensure the claims process goes smoothly. To arrange for disaster clean up services call the friendly professionals at Soil-Away Cleaning and Restoration (603-641-6555).

Different sources of smoke odor damage

Smoke damage can be the result of several different incidents. Common sources of smoke odor damage in Hudson, NH are the following: chimney fires, cooking fires, electrical fires, oil furnace puff backs and cigarette smoke. Each of these cases creates a different variation of damage. The source and severity of the incident will ultimately affect how it is cleaned and deodorized. A professional fire restoration company will always ask you the source of the damage so they can start assembling a plan to help remove the odors.

The challenge of removing smoke odor

Not all smoke damage situations are the same and therefore require professional attention to properly eliminate. Expert restoration companies will meticulously inspect your damaged property to ensure all smoke odor issues are addressed. Smoke can travel through small cracks and crevices in structures affecting areas not always visible. Missing these areas will permit odor to linger in your building. In addition to the structure are the contents that take on heavy smoke stench which permeates items such as clothing and furniture. Removing smoke odor after a fire is not easy work and should be handled professionally.

Hudson, NH family hires Soil-Away for smoke damage clean up services

Soil-Away recently completed a smoke damage clean up project in Hudson for a family who experienced a minor kitchen fire. The flames were extinguished quickly, but the smoke billowed throughout the home. The family was very sensitive to the pungent odor and needed it removed quickly. Soil-Away was brought in by the insurance company to help the family. Certified technicians worked for two straight days washing ceilings, walls and floors. They removed furniture and clothing to be cleaned and deodorized at their soft-contents restoration plant. The entire service was executed meticulously and allowed the family to recover from the damages rapidly.

DIY smoke odor removal is a mistake

The Hudson family was very smart to bring in the fire damage clean up professionals from Soil-Away. They considered making it a do-it-yourself project to save paying their deductible on their homeowner’s insurance policy. That would have been a mistake because DIY smoke damage removal can actually cause additional damages. For example, improper cleaning can actually set the odors more and prolong the problem. Professionals have the tools, training and capacity to efficiently remove smoke stink from your property. While it might be tempting to rent a rug cleaner from the grocery store, buy some microfiber towels and spray some deodorizer spray it will not solve the problem.
If you are in need of fire or smoke damage restoration services call the trusted professionals at Soil-Away (603-641-6555). Soil-Away is available 24/7 and will effectively remove smoke odor from your Hudson home. We are an independent firm, family owned and operated out of Hooksett, NH.

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