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Mold Removal and Remediation – Portland, ME

Mold Removal and Remediation – Portland, ME

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The needs for mold removal and remediation services in commercial buildings is common in Portland, ME. Severe winters, coastal storms and older buildings all combine for challenges in building maintenance. Water infiltration that goes undetected for periods of time can lead to microbial growth and unhealthy working conditions. This case study is a sample of an every-day occurrence.

Mold found in commercial property

Norman, an employee at a local bank was researching information on a former client. The data he found on the client was of little to no use to him. The case was old and he finally decided that perhaps there was more information in the storage room. Old files had been stored there that might help his cause. As he entered the room he noticed, not only the humidity that filled the room, but a strange odor. After being in the room for a while, he began coughing, his nose started running. He took a tissue out of his pocket. Something was wrong. His heart raced. He followed the strange odor to a space on the floor behind some cabinets. There he found slimy dark spots…mold!

Now everything made sense. Norman was allergic to mold. He covered his nose and mouth with the tissue. Where could this have come from? Then he remembered, a few months ago the bank had a roof leak. It had been repaired but apparently it had not been dried effectively. He immediately went to Dave, his supervisor and reported the discovery. Something had to be done immediately. The bank catered to clients of all ages and many of them could be allergic to mold as well. In order to solve this problem, the bank would have to find an expert in mold removal and remediation.

Dangers of mold

Mold spores can be dangerous in many ways. They thrive on moisture and can rapidly grow into colonies in damp, humid areas. They can grow on walls, floors, furniture, carpets and paper. Mold spores are microscopic and can travel literally anywhere. They can enter a building through windows, doors or even the AC/heating systems. In this case it was undetected water damage from a previous leak. Mold can not only cause structural damage to a building, it can also be harmful to your health. Aside from the allergic reactions we saw in Norman, mold can also cause skin irritations, fever, and fatigue. In extreme cases it can even cause vomiting and bleeding in the lungs and nose.  

The needs for mold removal and remediation services

After being informed about the mold, Dave knew exactly what to do. He had encountered a similar problem in his house a few years before caused by a leaky pipe. He had contacted Soil-Away Cleaning and Restoration who had done a magnificent job at mold removal and remediation. He wasted no time. He contacted Soil-Away who was there in no time. The IICRC certified technicians contained the contaminated area and went to work on removing the mold. They used HEPA vacuums, HEPA air scrubbers and dehumidifiers to make sure the area was completely cleaned, dry and mold could not spread. They sanitized the entire space. They even removed and replaced drywall and ceiling panels. Everyone was surprised by Soil-Away’s expertise…except for Dave. Dave knew all along that he could count on Soil-Away. And so can you for your Portland, ME property. Call Soil-Away at 800-293-6319.

Written by E. Aceves

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