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Fire Damage Restoration Contractor – Kittery, Maine

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Fire – just the word itself makes your heart race and sends your body into panic mode. It’s a situation no one wants to have to endure. But fires can be unpredictable. They can occur at any moment. You leave the stove unattended; a spark from your barbecue pit lands on foliage; anything can happen. In an instant your world can be turned up-side-down with extensive property damage and the need for a fire damage restoration contractor to bring your Kittery, Maine property back to life.

Fires can be devastating. They can be very costly in damages. Even if you’ve come out of this dilemma in one piece, there’s still the issue of restoration. Just seeing the damage can be shocking. Your lovely Kittery, Maine home – a blackened, ashy mess. Fires can all but destroy your home and restoring it to its former beauty is nearly impossible on your own. Soot and smoke damage can be very difficult to remove without professional help. However, all is not lost. While you may still have a long road ahead of you, getting a fire damage restoration contractor can really help.

Soot and smoke damage

Smoke and soot can continue to damage your home or property long after the fire is out. To better understand what lies ahead for you after a fire, you should know what soot and smoke damage is. Soot is a very fine black powder that settles into a burned area. It is a miniscule substance that binds to just about anything it touches, including walls and ceilings. Soot and smoke can spread unbelievably quickly when a fire is in progress and even after. Soot is a result of burning fossil fuels. It is made up of chemicals, acids and dust. Smoke damage can seep into all areas of your home. It can cause discoloration of walls and the odor can linger for a long time. Soot and smoke contain carcinogenic gases that are hazardous to your health.

What to do after fire damage to my house

Once your home has been damaged by fire there are some things you should do:

  • Prioritize safety: If extensive damage has been done, do not enter until a trained professional (fire damage restoration contractor, fire department, town building inspector, etc…) has confirmed safety. Assuming damage is not overly extensive and no major safety hazards exist, proceed with the following:
  • Remove pets and children to a smoke-free area
  • Find alternative temporary housing: at a friend or family member’s home or a hotel.
  • Temporarily burb the house by opening doors and windows to ventilate some of the odors
  • Turn off HVAC systems to prevent circulation of smoke and soot (unless it is winter and you need to keep the heat on to prevent frozen/burst pipes).
  • Call your insurance agent to submit a claim
  • Document all damages with pictures and written notes
  • Hire a fire damage restoration contractor to start the cleanup
  • Beware of fire chasers!

Call a professional fire damage restoration contractor

There is a limit to what you can do after a fire, in terms of cleaning and restoration. This is when you need to call for help. You need to get a trustworthy restoration company to help with the tough stuff. Soil-Away Cleaning and Restoration is the one to call to restore your Kittery, Maine home back to its former glory. After a fire it is essential that you get help quickly as smoke can continue to damage your home. Soil-Away is available 24/7 so you won’t lose time finding help. They are an expert water and fire damage restoration contractor with over 25 years of excellent service. They will:

  • Determine the extent of the fire damage.
  • Utilize safety methods to make sure your home is dealt with safely and professionally.
  • They will repair water damage incurred by firefighters
  • Clean and deodorize structure and contents
  • Provide full-service construction
  • Work with your insurance company to process the claim

If your home is in need of fire damage repair, call Soil-Away at 1-800-293-6319.

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