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Common Appliance Malfunctions

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We all know that appliances do not last forever but appliance malfunctions always tend to take us by surprise. It is crucial to take the best care of your appliances, so they do not end up causing damage, such as starting a fire or possible plumbing issues. We have seen hundreds of residential and commercial fire and water damage situations due to appliance failures. Follow along for a few of the most common appliance malfunctions that can happen to homeowners so you can minimize your risk. 

Washing Machines 

One of the most common malfunctions homeowners come across is with their washing machine. A few different things can cause washing machine failure. If your washer is not sitting on a completely level surface, it could cause problems for your machine. Another common source of the malfunction is draining obstructions. User errors could also cause issues with your washing machine; make sure to read instructions thoroughly and never overload your machine. 

Dryer Vents

Hot air being exhausted from your dryer needs a clear route to exit your home. The dryer vent provides this path. Over time, dryer vents can become clogged with lint and dust from your clothes. Make sure to regularly inspect and clean your dryer vent as it is a very common source of home fires every year. 


Your refrigerator is probably your most essential appliance. It works very hard, as it is never turned off, and works all day every day to keep your food fresh. One of the most common causes of refrigerator malfunctions is dirty coils. It is crucial to clean your refrigerator coils occasionally to get rid of dirt, grease, food, and anything else gathered on the coils. Leaving them dirty and covered in debris may cause the fridge to overheat and break down. Another piece of advice to prevent overheating is allowing for airflow around the area of your fridge. Ensure that it is not pushed directly up against a wall or other appliances; put a least an inch of space between. 


Old food stuck to the side of your microwave is more than unsightly; it is potentially hazardous. Once the food starts to harden on the walls and you continue to use your microwave, that food can easily catch fire once it starts to heat up. Food being stuck can also cause the turntable and rollers to stop working. It is crucial to clean your microwave well and thoroughly, as they can cause real damage if not taken care of. 

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The expert team here at Soil-Away thought it was necessary to share this advice with you because we are all too familiar with the aftermath of poor appliance care. It can go from your microwave not heating your food well to catching your kitchen on fire in the blink of an eye. If your appliance malfunctions have caused severe damage to your home, make sure to call Soil-Away today. We are here to help 24/7/365!

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