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Black Mold Clean Up – Candia, NH

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No one ever wants to deal with a black mold clean up problem. The projects can be scary to homeowners because of potential health issues, unexpected costs and disruption to everyday life. With all the hype surrounding mold people often become paralyzed when making decisions on how to deal with black mold in their home. This article is a case study of a Candia, New Hampshire (NH) family who encountered a black mold clean up issue in the middle of a major home renovation. The family called Soil-Away to remediate the mold and help their renovation project get back on track.

Home renovation on hold because of mold

It was only 60 days after a newly retired couple downsized into their 1,200 square foot cape in Candia. Part of their plans included updating the kitchen which was over 40 years old. On the first day of the renovation their contractor was in full demolition mode. They had to remove the old appliances and gut the room down to the wood studs. Unfortunately, not long into the process the contractor discovered heavy mold contamination behind the kitchen cabinets. The thick, slimy mold seemed to be a result of years of leaking pipes in the walls. The leaks went undetected which allowed for black mold to thrive. The mold had to be remediated in order for the renovation to proceed.
The contractor and homeowners had to come up with a new plan to overcome this unforeseen challenge. Fortunately one of the contractor’s employees had a friend who worked for Soil-Away Cleaning and Restoration in next door Hooksett. He recommended Soil-Away to perform the black mold clean up services. The homeowners and contractor met with an estimator from Soil-Away to put together a scope and budget for the remediation. The homeowner was extremely concerned about the cost. The contractor was very nervous about the timeline of the work. Soil-Away was able to deliver on both issues. Soil-Away performed the work for a very reasonable price and in a very quick timeframe.

Black mold clean up services put the project back on track

Soil-Away’s black mold clean up crews arrived the next day to start the process. Wearing full personal protective equipment (PPE) the team worked to set up containment around the kitchen to avoid cross-contaminating the other areas of the home. The crew removed all the affected drywall behind the cabinet. As an extra precaution they even finished the demolition of the rest of the kitchen for the general contractor. The space was thoroughly HEPA vacuumed and washed with antimicrobial agents. After just one day by the Soil-Away crew the kitchen was left fully gutted and spotless. The renovation was back on track with little-to-no-delay.
No one plans to have black mold problems in their home. But just like in this situation, there are always solutions during challenging times. This Candia couple and general contractor’s plans were turned up-side-down when they encountered a severe mold issue during a major renovation. They did not get discouraged and were able to overcome it with the help of Soil-Away. If you are in need of black mold clean up services in Candia please contact the mold experts at Soil-Away by calling 603-641-6555.

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