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Fast Water Damage Mitigation – Nashua, NH

Fast Water Damage Mitigation – Nashua, NH

Fast water damage mitigation – there’s a mouthful. It sounds dangerous, maybe even expensive. Has it piqued your curiosity yet? Let me break it down.  Fast water damage mitigation is the act of quickly restoring damage caused by extreme moisture. Water and moisture can be very damaging to a property in the case of a flood, pipe burst or sewage backup. It can seep out through cracks in foundations, splits in appliance hoses and holes in the roof. Water damage can have many sources, but if not acted quickly upon can have even harsher long-term effects on your building. If you have sustained a water disaster, you need fast water damage mitigation services by Soil-Away (603-641-6555).

Smoke Odor Removal – Concord, NH

Smoke Odor Removal – Concord, NH

We’ve all dealt with the choking smell of smoke odor. Poker night went a little overtime. You had a small kitchen fire while cooking the Christmas turkey. Your furnace had a slight malfunction, or Lord forbid, an electrical fire ransacked your home. Perhaps you were in the path of a wildfire. Regardless of the cause, the outcomes are all the same; loss, awe, and the stubborn smell of smoke. There can be several sources of noxious smoke odor, but Concord, New Hampshire (NH) residents know to call only one company for smoke odor removal services. That company is Soil-Away Cleaning and Restoration (603-641-6555).

Burst Pipe Water Damage – Bedford, NH 03110

Burst Pipe Water Damage – Bedford, NH 03110

It’s that time of year! Winter – the time for sledding and building snowmen: Time for thawing out by the fireplace with a hot cup of tea or cocoa with marshmallows. Cozy, right? Before you get too comfortable, let’s think about something else that commonly happens in the winter – burst pipe water damage. This is certainly something the residents of Bedford, NH need to be aware of. Any extended period of time where temperatures plummet below freezing poses a burst pipe water damage threat.  There are things we can do to prevent such disasters or prepare ourselves ahead of time. First we need to know the causes of pipe bursts before we can prevent them.

Mold Remediation Estimate – Windham, NH 03087

Mold Remediation Estimate – Windham, NH 03087

Mold is not very fun to deal with. It can develop if given food, moisture and time to grow. Many building materials can be susceptible to microbial growth, especially during times when there is a lot of rain or humidity. As such, it often develops in places like the attic, the basement, or near plumbing fixtures such as under the sink or by the shower. There are many different types of mold, and they impact people differently. Some can cause health issues and those concerns should be brought up with your personal physician. Even if mold is simply suspected, one should get consider testing for it, as mold can both present potential dangers to health and also to the structural integrity of the building it is found in. If mold is confirmed through testing, one should pursue a mold remediation estimate immediately to start the cleanup process.

Smoke Damage from Fire – Hampton, NH

Smoke Damage from Fire – Hampton, NH

Fires can be very unexpected and destructive, from the immediate damage done by the fire itself to smoke damage from fire. They can be started by any number of things, from a cooking disaster to bad wiring to something as simple as a cloth left on a heater too long. This is part of what can make them hard, and often overwhelming, to deal with. Many people who have a fire happen in their home and business find themselves uncertain as to what they should do next.  Despite this, it’s entirely possible to be prepared as to what you should do in the wake of a fire.

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