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Water Restoration Professional – Windham, NH

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Water damage and flooding is one of the leading causes of property damage claims. Common sources of water damage in Windham, New Hampshire (NH) are pipe bursts, appliance failures, roof leaks, broken hot water tanks and storm damage. If your home or business has been struck with a water disaster you will want to hire a water restoration professional to help you recover quickly. Soil-Away Cleaning and Restoration Services is the leading water damage clean up company for southern NH. If you have never hired a water restoration professional before, below are a few things you should expect from a premier service provider.

Characteristics of a Water Restoration Professional

  • 24/7 emergency service availability

    – Top tier water damage mitigation companies are available around the clock to assist with your emergency situation. You never expect or anticipate having a flood, so your mitigation company needs to be prepared to respond anytime you need it.

  • Specialize in insurance claims

    – Many water damage losses are covered by your insurance policy. If that is the case, a true professional water restoration company will be able to manage the loss to ensure the claims process goes smoothly with your insurance company.

  • Offer DIY assistance prior to showing up

    – The goal of water damage mitigation is to minimize damages. Sometimes there are some do-it-yourself things that can be performed by the homeowners to accelerate the recovery process. An example of this is identifying areas of concern for the restoration company so those can be addressed immediately upon their arrival to the scene. A good restoration company can also offer advice on what NOT to do prior to their arrival. This should be to ensure your safety and to avoid further damage to property.

  • Safety is priority

    – Water restoration professionals should always make safety a priority for building occupants. Flood damaged properties can present many hazards for example slip-and-fall, electrocution or even falling building materials such as saturated drywall on the ceiling.

  • Perform thorough evaluation of damages

    – Water travels in mysterious ways through buildings and behind walls. You don’t want trapped or hidden water to cause mold issues or rot in the future. An expert water restoration team will thoroughly evaluate the structure with tools such as moisture meters and infrared cameras to make sure all affected areas are identified and dealt with.

  • Technicians are certified

    – The water damage restoration industry has ample training and certification opportunities to those who dedicate their careers to the trade. Water restoration professionals, like the team at Soil-Away, go through extensive training and certification courses through organization such as the IICRC to ensure technician competence and efficiently.

  • Care for you belongings

    – While working to clean up the water damage it is inevitable that your personal belongings were either affected or need to be moved to fix the damaged areas. Your personal belongings should be treated with care and concern. For example, plastic sheathing can be placed over items to avoid being affected by dust and debris.

  • Documentation of damages

    – Each phase of the flood restoration process needs to be documented. Proper documentation includes pictures, moisture log reports and activity logs. Everything on the site pertaining to the loss should be recorded properly for your personal records and the insurance company. Proper documentation will assist with efficient claim processing by the insurance company which will help you recover quicker from the damages.

If you are looking for a water restoration professional for your Windham, NH property call the experts at Soil-Away. Team Soil-Away is ready to serve and can be reached at 603-641-6555.

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