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water damage repairs goffstown nh

Water Damage Repairs – Goffstown, NH

When dealing with a major flood disaster at your Goffstown property, it is always a great idea to call the professionals to quickly arrive and take care of the situation at hand. A water-loss can easily get out of control and the average individual often lacks the necessary knowledge and equipment to properly restore a home or office to its pre-existing condition. Therefore, hiring the right contractor for water damage repairs can make a difficult situation easier to overcome.

Inspecting a property for water damage

A professional certified IICRC team will come out to the location and inspect the damage by using their thermal imaging cameras and moisture meters. These tools can give an accurate reading of how much moisture is present in the structure of the building. It also helps the team find exactly where the water has infiltrated the home or business. After the initial inspection, the crew will provide the home or business owner with a viable plan of action for a swift resolution. In the plan of action, contractors should provide the customer with a clear understanding of what to expect. The customer should understand the following prior to a water damage repair project commencing:

  • Have a strong picture of the general scope and timeline of the project.
  • Establish communication expectations between the contractor and property owner throughout the project – especially on how they will be notified of any additional damages that are discovered.
  • Clarify financial obligations and responsibilities. Often water damage repairs go through insurance so claim payments will be made directly to the contractor, however clients may still be responsible for deductibles.

Depending upon the level of damage to the property, the crew will be looking at either a major restoration to the infrastructure of the building or a minor cleaning and water extraction process. The initial cleanup will generally take between 24-48 hours. The dry-out, with air movers and dehumidifiers, averages two to five days depending on the complexity of the water loss. Once the job is done, the crew will ensure that there is zero excess water present before leaving the scene.

Water damage repairs – process and cleanup

It is a common belief that household shop-vacuums can be used as a do-it-yourself alternative solution, but many professionals warn against this type of self-cleanup because it does remove surface water but fails to penetrate stubborn moisture from deep underneath the material’s surface. Failure to extract all moisture can result in potential microbial growth which might wreak havoc on your health and cost more to repair once the fungus has started to claim your workspace or personal property. Our cleanup process includes powerful truck mounted vacuums to extract large amounts of water along with dehumidifiers and fans to force any remaining moisture outside of the affected materials.

Serving with pride

Here at Soil-Away, we pride ourselves in providing quality service to our community. After nearly 30 years of operations, we continue to serve New England residents. Looking towards the future with growth in mind, we strive to continue our reputation of delivering superb customer care and service when our clients need it most. Dealing with a major disaster whether its water damage repairs, the aftermath of an unexpected fire, or unwanted mold growth, Soil-Away is here to help families and businesses recover from property disaster. We work hard so that you can regain your normal routine. Feel free to contact our 24 hour, 7 days a week emergency service at (603) 641-6555.

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