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Water Damage Mitigation – Pembroke, NH

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Pembroke, New Hampshire (NH) residents trust Soil-Away for all their fire and water damage mitigation needs. A family business, Soil-Away’s caring team is quick to respond to disaster cleanup situations. The company’s passion is to help families and business recover from property disaster and recently they performed water damage mitigation services for a Pembroke, NH family who experienced significant damages to their home. This case study outlines the occurrence.

Roof Leak from Storm

An aging roof and a severe summer thunderstorm are never a good mix. At 3 a.m. the Pembroke family awoke to crashing thunder and flashing lightening. Outside intense winds and rain battered their house. What they did not realize was that roof shingles were coming loose. Several of them being blown completely off. and as a result rain water started to pour into the attic. It did not take long for the water to make its way to the floors below. Water steadily leaked into the house for the next hour until the storm died down consequently resulting in widespread damages. The family needed emergency water damage mitigation services.
The exhausted family was up most of the night trying to contain the water in the flooded areas of their Pembroke home. Buckets lined the floors under dripping ceilings. Sopping towels cluttered the floors. The water damage cleanup effort overwhelmed the family. In addition, they inadvertently put themselves in danger. After exiting a bedroom they heard a loud crash. They turned around to see half the ceiling missing. It was so saturated from the rain that it collapsed. The family members could have been severely injured if the ceiling fell on them, but thankfully they missed the hazard by only seconds. This was the turning point in pushing them to stop and call a professional water damage restoration company. Finally they decided to perform an online search for “water damage mitigation Pembroke NH” and found Soil-Away.

Water Damage Mitigation Services

The emergency service call came into Soil-Away at 7 a.m. Two certified flood cleanup crews were dispatched immediately. They arrived in Pembroke by 8 a.m. The water damage technicians found that the family did a great job cleaning up much of the water damage. The work they were able to do prevented a lot of further damage to the property. Soil-Away would now finish the job. They brought in another crew to do an emergency tarp of the roof to prevent further water infiltration. This is a common solution in roof leak situations.
On the inside of the property, the technicians worked diligently to clean up the mess. Water was extracted, damaged ceilings and walls were removed and debris was picked up. Simultaneous to the cleaning, the project manager thoroughly inspected the property. This was to properly identify all the flooded areas so that they could be dried properly. Commercial fans and dehumidifiers were setup to dry the structure. This would help avoid mold and rot in the future from this flood. The entire home was dry in three days.
.The Pembroke family had a great experience with Soil-Away. Hiring a water damage restoration company was a new experience. Finding Soil-Away was a huge relief. The service was quick, competent and professional. In addition, Soil-Away helped the family with the insurance claim process. Water damage claims do not happen every day for families. It was extremely beneficial to have Soil-Away document the entire emergency water damage mitigation process for them. It was the icing on the cake. For flood cleanup services this family would highly recommend Soil-Away to other members of the NH community.

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