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Water Damage- Gilford, NH

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Dealing with unforeseen water damage to your property can really cause frustration. Hiring the wrong water damage restoration contractor can make the situation even worse. This was the case for one Gilford, New Hampshire (NH) business. A popular, seasonal motel near Lake Winnipesaukee was preparing to open for the summer season. In the process, they suffered a major water loss to their building. This case study examines the motel’s water damage disaster and their journey to recovering.
Many seasonal Gilford businesses start their opening process in late-April and early-May. The typical target date for summer business is Memorial Day. This popular motel was no exception. They were booked all summer and were excited for a profitable year. Part of their opening punch-list this year included updating the furniture in the guest rooms. Unfortunately, while the moving company was delivering the new furniture, one of the installation teams bumped a sprinkler head. The fire suppression system burst, sending hundreds of gallons of water into several guest rooms. The water damage was severe and there was little time to recover.
Not knowing how to handle the flooded guest rooms, the panicked motel owners called in their carpet cleaner. Their carpet cleaner had started to advertise water damage restoration services. The company arrived a few hours later to start the emergency cleanup process. It quickly became apparent that the carpet cleaner was over his head. With only one truck, two technicians, minimal drying equipment and limited experience, the water damage project was too large for him to handle. A company with more resources and expertise was needed to return the motel rooms back to pre-flood loss condition. The Gilford business owners needed to figure something out quickly if they would have any chance of opening for Memorial Day.
A quick online search for “water damage cleanup lakes region nh” resulted in finding Soil-Away Cleaning & Restoration. After a brief phone conversation, the motel owners knew they found the right company. Soil-Away was able to scramble three trucks and crews immediately to the scene. The technicians were IICRC certified for water damage. They had endless drying equipment and tools to complete the job right. A project manager coordinated the cleanup, ensuring the crews’ effort was efficient. During the disaster mitigation service, the Soil-Away project manager communicated with the motel owners on a regular basis. The motel owners were always informed of the job progress and they were educated on the different steps of the project.
A bad water damage situation was quickly turned around by the team at Soil-Away. Like many business owners, the Gilford motel owners were not prepared for a disaster.. It was an emergency situation. They did not know who to contact. Fortunately the team at Soil-Away was prepared to respond to such a situation. If they motel owners did not find Soil-Away to perform the water damage cleanup they may have lost weeks of revenue and the trust of valuable clients.
This case study illustrates the important for business owners in Gilford, NH and the surrounding Lakes Region to have a plan in place for property damage emergencies. Soil-Away specializes in flood, fire and mold damage restoration for south and central NH. With over 25 years in business, Soil-Away is a great partner for businesses to build a relationship with before water damage disaster strikes.

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