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Stoneham, Massachusetts

When in need of 24/7 disaster cleanup services, residents of Stoneham, Massachusetts (MA) call Soil-Away Cleaning & Restoration. For over 25 years, Soil-Away has helped families and business recover from flood, fire and mold damage. Residents also trust Soil-Away for their HVAC duct and carpet cleaning service needs. We are IICRC master-certified, NADCA certified and specialize in dealing with insurance claims for property disaster situations.

Stoneham, MA recently completed projects

Flood Restoration Services

When a burst pipe over the weekend caused flooding at a local business, the store owner was quick to call Soil-Away to handle the cleanup. Soon after the call, certified technicians from Soil-Away arrived to rapidly clean up the water damage. The store was able to stay open for the day with minimal disruption for clients. While the flood was not a fun situation for the business owner, the situation could have been much worse without the efficient flood restoration services of Soil-Away.

Fire Damage Cleaning

A local home owner found themselves dealing with fire damage after one of their pets knocked over a candle. After doing some research into services that could take care of the damage, they found Soil-Away. They were impressed by the fast and professional response and service. Following the fire damage cleaning the family wrote a 5-star review about Soil-Away online to share their positive experience.

Mold and Mildew Remediation

After finding mold that had built up over time in their basement that they hadn’t noticed, a Stoneham family decided that it was time to get it professionally taken care of. A friend had previously called Soil-Away for a similar situation, and so the family did the same. Soon enough, the mold was remediated and the family was back to using their basement safely without the concern of mold and mildew growth.

Expert Carpet Cleaning

A drink was accidently spilled during a party which stained a new carpet. The homeowner decided to get it cleaned professionally instead of trying to clean it herself. She had previously hired Soil-Away after dealing with some flooding and was very happy with the service. The carpet cleaning experience was just as good. The spill was successfully removed and the carpet looked good as new.

Duct Cleaning Company

After facing issues with allergies, a local family decided it was time to get their air ducts cleaned. After talking it over with several people who recommended Soil-Away, they called. Soil-Away’s experienced and certified technicians cleaned the air ducts. It made a big difference in the home. To ensure the issue would not arise again, a cleaning maintenance plan was setup for them so they would not have to worry about it again.

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