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Water Damage Repair Services

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Three Signs Your Home Requires Professional Water Damage Repair Services

Whether you’re about to buy a new home or are considering selling your property in the near future, the ability to detect the signs of water damage within a property can help you save a considerable amount of money. By alerting professional water damage repair services specialists to the problem quickly, property owners across Nashua, Manchester and Concord can ensure their home is safe for the future. Within this post, we’ll highlight three signs your home requires professional water damage repair services.

1. The Basement is Damp and Has a Distinct Odor

In the majority of homes, the basement is the area in which a water damage issue will be most visible. That’s because, whether there’s a leak in the home’s pipes or a hole in a roofing area, the water will fall downwards and settle in the basement. Homeowners might notice that their basement begins to smell musty. They might also find that there are cracks and stains on the walls within the basement space. Rust on metal components is a further sign of basement leaks.

2. Soft Areas of Drywall or Swelling of Hardwood Flooring

For those with significant areas of drywall in their property, this piece of home architecture is quick to show telltale signs of water exposure. Homeowners might notice the paint on drywall bubbling or small dimples may appear as the drywall begins succumbing to gravity under the weight of water intrusion. Hardwood floors also show signs of water damage as well. Hardwood will discolor, warp and separate in the event of a moisture intrusion in the flooring. At the onset of any one of these signs, it’s important that Nashua, Manchester and Concord homeowners contact a water damage repair specialist.

3. Stains Around Windows and Doors

Water stains around the interior areas of windows and doors could be related to an exterior weather event that has caused a leak within the property. This can often be one of the first signs that homeowners get when there’s a significant issues within their home.
By responding quickly to the signs highlighted within this article, homeowners can reduce the chances of extensive water damage within their property. To learn more, speak with one of our trusted in-house specialists directly.

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