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Litchfield, New Hampshire

Litchfield, New Hampshire (NH) residents rely on Soil-Away for 24/7 emergency property damage cleanup services. Fire, water and mold damage restoration are Soil-Away’s specialties. Litchfield residents deserve the best. That is why they choose NH’s only combined IICRC master certified, NADCA certified and Esporta certified restoration contractor.

For 25 years Soil-Away has provided premier carpet and HVAC air duct cleaning services. These offerings are available to both commercial and residential clients throughout Litchfield. Property owners looking to improve the sanitation and health of their building turn to Soil-Away.

Litchfield, NH recently completed projects

Flood Damage Clean Up

– A pipe leading into the kitchen from the basement broke. The homeowner did not notice it before leaving for work. Water poured into the basement all day. The damage was first discovered by their high-school aged son when he returned from school. He called his parents. They did an online search for a flood damage clean up company. Soil-Away was called in to remedy the situation. Water damage restoration technicians worked into the late evening extracting water and cleaning the basement. The homeowners were grateful for quick response time and efficient services.

Fire Smoke Damage Restoration

– Experiencing a fire is extremely frightening. The recovery process can be equally as stressful. Your home or business is very important to you. You want to make sure to partner with the right fire smoke damage restoration company when struck by disaster. It will make a big difference. Soil-Away recently helped a Litchfield family recover from their fire damage after their chimney malfunctioned. Smoke and soot damage covered the interior of the home. Soil-Away fire restoration technicians worked tirelessly to clean and deodorize the property. Soil-Away also worked with the insurance company to process the claim. Stress was minimized for the homeowners.

Professional Mold Removal

– A mold contaminated property can present serious health risks. A new commercial property investor almost learned this the hard way. His new lease client was moving into the rental space. When installing their shelves on the walls, they noticed the drywall seemed soft and damp. Upon further investigation, black mold was discovered all over the back of the wall. The panicked lease client alerted the building owner. He immediately called Soil-Away to perform professional mold removal services. Fortunately this issue was discovered before the tenant fully moved in. The mold was remediated before any long-term exposure was experienced.

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