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Kitchen Repairs After a Fire

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Kitchen damage after a fire can be extensive, from the appliances to the cabinetry and walls.  Many fires that start in the kitchen, even when contained, produce a lot of smoke.  The smoke can damage the electrical panels of your appliances.  This type of damage can go unseen, noticed by the homeowner only when the appliance begins to malfunction.  A professional restoration company, like Soil-Away, can identify all of the needed repairs after a kitchen fire.

Smoke and Soot’s Effect on Kitchen Appliances

A fire’s flames can obviously damage everything in its path but the accompanying smoke and soot can do just as much damage.  The kitchen is a common place for a fire to start, with stoves and other electrical appliances.  Even a seemingly small fire in the kitchen can leave behind lasting damage.  Smoke can permeate the home, particularly in the room where the fire begins. 

When exposed to smoke, soot and even extremely high temperatures, the electrical panels of appliances can malfunction.  This may be seen through the appliance failing to work immediately, or it may fail over time as a result of the damage.  Many times, this level of exposure and repairs needed cannot be seen by the naked eye.  An experienced team is your best resource to assess and repair the damage after a kitchen fire.

Making Repairs to the Kitchen After a Fire

Soil-Away’s experienced restoration teams are able to make repairs after a fire in your kitchen, restoring your home to its pre-disaster condition.  This process includes assessing the damage and determining what repairs are needed.  This assessment involves looking at the appliances, electronics, walls, flooring and the structural integrity of the home. 

A thorough assessment of the level of repairs necessary done by a professional team that you can trust will ensure that the process is done properly.  Soil-Away’s teams work with the homeowner to make the repairs as quickly and efficiently as possible, with the understanding that the homeowner is anxious to once again be able to use their kitchen.

If a fire occurs in your kitchen or any part of the home, the restoration professionals at Soil-Away have you covered.  Contact Soil-Away at 603-641-6555.

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