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How to Prevent Water Damage During Storm Season

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Here in New England, Spring means rain. Did you know that on any given day, home water damage emergencies affect 14,000 people? It is crucial to understand how to best protect your home and family from severe water damage during the rainy season and all throughout the year. Without proper protection, your home is at risk of structural damage that could ruin the integrity of your home. 

Follow along as the water damage restoration experts at Soil-Away go over how you can help prevent water damage and protect your home during a storm

Clear Our Your Gutters

If your weather forecast includes a big storm coming up in the next couple of days, be sure that you take the time to clear and clean out your gutters. If your gutters are clogged with leaves, dirt, and debris, it will push the water down your exterior walls, eventually leading to interior damage. It is best to have a regular gutter cleaning schedule to ensure that build-up does not cause water damage during the next rainfall. 

Maintain Your Roof

An unmaintained, rugged roof is the easiest way for rainwater to enter your home during a storm. One small tear can lead to water entering and compromising the plywood underneath, which can be disastrous for your home’s interior. By ensuring that your roof is well maintained, you can save your home and protect your roof for years to come. 

Seal Your Doors and Windows

Windows and doors are a common place for water to enter your home. Older windows are not equipped with the fitted wells and drains to direct water away from your home that modern windows are. If you have windows that do not have these fitted wells and drains, it is crucial to ensure the weather stripping seals are in good shape. If you notice they could use a bit of help, you can seal the frame with foam sealant and apply caulk. 

Maintain Your Outdoor Areas

During the seasonal transition into spring, it is good to clear leaves, dirt, and debris from your outdoor spaces like your patio, walkway, and driveway to ensure there is nothing clogging the exterior drains. It is also important to trim back any foliage that is close to your home’s foundation. 

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For more information regarding preventing and protecting your home from water damage during storm season, be sure to contact Soil-Away! We have a team of water damage restoration experts who are ready to help. Give us a call today or fill out our online contact form!

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