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Flood Damage Restoration- Salem, NH

Flood Damage Restoration- Salem, NH

Written by jsolloway on . Posted in Blog, Case Study, Contents Restoration, Water Damage.

Rain, rain, and more rain pounded southern New Hampshire for three straight days. Areas of Salem, NH were starting to flood. Streets were washing out. Basements were filling up with water. The need for flood damage restoration was everywhere. Owners of water damaged homes were frantic for help. Soil-Away Cleaning and Restoration answered the call.
Soil-Away dispatched several flood damage restoration crews to Salem. In some areas of town, entire neighborhoods were suffering from water damage. Soil-Away set up their operation in these neighborhoods and went house-to-house helping. The water damage recovery process was fairly similar for each property. Soil-Away would do an inspection, extract the water, clean the basement and set it up for drying. This flood damage restoration process was followed time after time.
Salem residents were grateful for Soil-Away’s flood damage restoration efforts. Many people had devastating damage to their basements. Without the help of professional water damage mitigation, it would be nearly impossible to recover. In a many cases, the value of Soil-Away’s service really shined. They were able to restore many of the damaged contents in peoples’ basements. One example was with a family heirloom afghan. The afghan had been drenched with filthy flood water. It had been in the family over 100 years. The family thought it would need to be disposed of. Soil-Away was able to successfully clean and restore the precious item with the use of their Esporta Wash System. Soil-Away is New Hampshire’s only Certified Esporta Operator for soft-contents restoration.
Flood damage restoration work carried on for three weeks in the town of Salem. Hundreds of homes and business were affected by the flooding. In some cases property owners attempted to do the flood cleanup themselves. The decision not to hire a professional flood damage restoration firm proved to be even more costly. Homes that were not cleaned and dried property suffered from mold contamination. Building materials and contents in the basement remained wet for an extended period of time. Microbial growth was quick to take root. These Salem homeowners were in a bigger mess than when the original rains hit.
The standard of care in the restoration industry identifies flood water as category 3. Category 3 water is grossly contaminated. Flood water can pick up many contaminants as it passes through streets, yards and the ground. Having those pollutants carried into a basement can be hazardous to health. It needs to be handled with the upmost care. Proper personal protective equipment (PPE) was worn by Soil-Away flood damage restoration technicians at all times. Building materials such as carpets and drywall were properly disposed of. Extra precautions were taken when cleaning and sanitizing the structures.
When the dust settled on the flood damage restoration, Soil-Away had performed over 75 service calls in the town of Salem alone. Once overwhelmed homeowners, were now at peace with that state of their properties. They had confidence in the cleaning services performed by Soil-Away. Life was back to normal. Everyone could go back to enjoying their homes.

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