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Flood Damage Repair – Concord, NH 03301

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Water can be a destructive force when not controlled in a property. A break in a pipe, leak in an air conditioner or failure in a hot-water tank can all spell disaster for any Concord, New Hampshire home owner. Wise property owners are diligent about keeping up with maintenance and regular inspections to avoid such situations. They know that the need for flood damage repair can be both costly and frustrating. In this blog, we evaluate how having a damage prevention plan for your property can save you dearly.

What is a Water Damage Prevention Plan?

A water damage prevention plan is a simple blueprint to follow that reduces the risk of sustaining flood damage at your property. You can customize your own plan to help at your own home or business. The first step is to evaluate your risk points. What appliances do you have that utilize water and could potentially leak? What kind of maintenance or replacement schedule do they follow? Where else does water flow inside the property? Are those areas (pipes) properly insulated from freezing temperatures? What exterior threats affect my property? Is the roof in good condition? Are the gutters clean and functioning properly? Are the grounds properly channeling water away from the foundation? How do the seasons and temperatures affect my risk factors?
After assessing your water damage risk points, the second step is to come up with a maintenance and inspection plan. This looks differently for everyone, but you want to make sure it is on a regular basis. Routine maintenance is always easier than a major flood damage repair project. A simple analogy is that of doing an oil change for your car. Regular oil changes are much cheaper than replacing an engine.

Flooded House and Emergency Cleanup Vendor List

The final step in creating a water damage prevention plan is establishing a trusted vendor list. Who are the people or companies you can call on in the event of a flood damage repair emergency? Typical vendors include a water damage restoration company, insurance agent, plumber, roofer and handyman. Do your best to establish a relationship with these companies. Ask for referrals and do some research on the them to ensure they have a solid reputation and will be there for you when you need it most. Being stuck with an unscrupulous company in a time of dire need puts you in an even worse position.
Be proactive. Take the time to setup a water damage prevention plan for your property. If you manage commercial facilities this should not even be an option. You cannot risk a large water loss or flood damage repair situation. Soil-Away serves thousands of clients in the greater Concord, NH region and will be more than happy to serve as your water damage restoration company.

Flood Damage Repair Expert for Concord, NH

Soil-Away Cleaning and Restoration Services is New Hampshire’s premier flood damage repair expert. Concord residents have been relying on Soil-Away for nearly 30 years to help them during stressful water damage situations. The family-owned company is IICRC master-certified for water damage restoration. Soil-Away is available 24/7 for emergency cleanup services and can be reached at 603-641-6555.

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