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Flood Cleaning Services – Windham, NH 03087

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Temperatures are slowly beginning to climb above freezing here in Windham, New Hampshire (NH). The endless piles of snow are starting to sluggishly trickle away, which only means one thing: spring is just around corner. With home and business owners getting ready for their spring projects and renovations, it can be a busy and stressful time of year-even more so than cooking for the in-laws during the holidays. The spring months are often characterized by families mapping-out plans for renovating an outdated bathroom or kitchen, or business owners preparing to add some much-needed landscaping to the property. Regardless of the project that keeps you busy during the warmer months, what many people don’t plan for is the need for flood cleaning services.

Snow Build-up Leads to Water Damage

The Windham family of three had kept up with routine household maintenance during the winter months. Insulating locations where pipes flowed through the home, cleaning the gutters from debris and snow and even caulking windows and doors, were all responsibilities the family participated in. However, when the family went on vacation for two weeks out-of-state, they returned home to more than just a few fresh inches of snow. The family quickly discovered a flooded basement due to snow piled around the home’s foundation, causing pressure and water to seep in through cracks in the foundation.
Water damage was not something this family had on their list of springtime projects, and they were concerned on what to do next. Luckily, the family was referred to Soil-Away— an expert flood cleaning services company with over 25 years of experience—by a family member who worked with Soil-Away during an attic mold remediation project. The family contacted Soil-Away’s 24/7 emergency line to get a flood damage restoration expert out to assess the situation.

Soil-Away Is Your Flood Cleaning Services Specialist!

Soil-Away quickly responded to the family’s emergency situation. It was discovered that the snow build-up around the home’s foundation resulted in water seeping in through the cracks and holes in the foundation. The family didn’t realize that not shoveling away the snow around their home could result in unwanted and costly water damage.
Soil-Away’s remediation experts quickly extracted all the water from the basement floor by using truck-mounted extraction units, and ensuring any items that were damaged by water was removed and treated. Once all the water and damaged items were removed, the crew used commercial drying equipment, such as dehumidifiers and fans, to dry-out the area and eliminate the excessive moisture. The Windham family of three was very pleased with the quick and professional flood cleanup services. They are now getting back to planning for their springtime projects-which now does not include water cleanup.

24/7 Emergency Services for Windham, NH

Soil-Away is a family-owned and operated business which has been specializing in flood cleaning services for over 25 years. The company is equipped with commercial-grade equipment to dry-out even the most moisture-ridden locations. The experts are ready for any water or flood cleanup project that you have. Windham residents have relied on and trusted Soil-Away with all of their home and business projects. Have a fire cleanup project? Mold remediation situation? Water damage in the bathroom? Contact the restoration experts today at 603-641-6555.
Written by: K. Gnatowski

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