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Fire Smoke Damage Restoration- Portsmouth, NH

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When disaster strikes, property owners need a fire smoke damage restoration company they can trust. Victims of fire, flood and mold damage deserve a contractor that they can count on. That is why for 25 years residents of Portsmouth, New Hampshire (NH) have relied on Soil-Away Cleaning & Restoration Services as their preferred fire smoke damage restoration company. If your home or business has been damaged by fire or smoke, give Soil-Away a call to coordinate the cleanup. Soil-Away specializes in insurance claims and will help you recover quickly. Below is a quick summary of a fire smoke damage restoration project recently completed in Portsmouth.
It had been a week since the fire. The Portsmouth homeowner had yet to hear back from the national franchise he had agreed to work with on the fire smoke damage restoration project for his house. A franchise representative had arrived on the scene during the blaze. The eager contractor sought him out and convinced him to use their services for the fire cleanup. For the first few hours they were so helpful. Unfortunately after the initial effort, the national franchise was nowhere to be found. The homeowner was extremely frustrated. He was out of his house and fire damage repairs had not even started as initially promised.
The homeowner decided to dump the national franchise. They were not helping him cleanup after the fire. He did an online search for “fire smoke damage restoration- Portsmouth, NH” and found Soil-Away. His experience was positive from the first call. A fire damage project manager met him onsite the same day. They examined the house and established a scope to clean and restore the property. Certified fire smoke damage restoration crews arrived the next day. Finally the homeowner was seeing progress.
The cause of the damage to this Portsmouth house was a dryer fire in the laundry room. The laundry area sustained the most fire damage. Walls and ceilings were extremely damaged. The surrounding surfaces were black. The balance of the house was primarily affected by smoke and soot damage. It smelled like a camp fire. Soil-Away fire smoke damage restoration crews worked to clean and deodorize both the structure and contents.
Soil-Away packed out the home’s belongings so they could be cleaned at their contents cleaning facility in Hooksett. Everything from furniture to dishware was removed from the property. Soil-Away also removed the soft contents. This includes objects such as clothing, bedding and footwear. They would be cleaned and deodorized via the company’s Esporta Wash System. With the contents removed, it was much easier for the structure team to clean the house. Soil-Away fire smoke damage restoration crews finished the entire project in one week. The homeowner was thrilled. There was no trace of the fire and smoke damage.
Too many people in the Portsmouth, NH area fall victim to “fire chasers.” Fire chasers monitor emergency service scanners. They will show up on the scene of disaster to seek out the property owner. Their goal is to sign business while you are under the stress of a loss. Fire damage is a scary and dangerous situation. If you are in need of fire smoke damage restoration services, make sure to partner with a company you can count on. Contact Soil-Away today to start building a relationship with a company Portsmouth residents have trusted for 25 years!

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