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Fire Restoration Cleaning – Hampton, NH

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Every holiday season, fire damage seems to devastate a local family in the New Hampshire seacoast region. The cause of the fire could be anything from careless placement of a cigarette to a cooking miscue. Regardless of the source, fire damage always seems to affect at least one family during the holidays. An example of this recently occurred in Hampton, NH. A forgotten candle ignited some Christmas decorations causing significant fire and smoke damage to the home. The family had to be temporarily displaced until the fire restoration cleaning process was completed.

Fire Restoration Cleaning Emergency Response

The family immediately submitted an insurance claim for the fire damage to their local agent. Soil-Away was the recipient of the fire restoration cleaning assignment from the insurance company. Soil-Away’s role was to effectively clean and deodorize the property. The loss occurred just one week before Christmas. The family was desperate to get back into their home.  The fire restoration cleaning crews from Soil-Away got right to work. Everyone was determined to help the family through this tough time.

Contents and Structure Cleaning

The first effort made by Soil-Away was to take care of the family’s belongings. This was specific to their clothing. Much of the clothing had soot and smoke damage. Soil-Away has a specialized fire restoration cleaning crew specifically trained in soft-contents restoration. The emergency items that were needed right away by the family we addressed first. These items included winter jackets, work clothes, pants, sweaters, and shoes. They were cleaned in Soil-Away’s state-of-the-art Esporta Wash System. These were returned to the family within 24 hours.
Once the contents were underway, the structural cleaning began. Fire restoration cleaning crews arrived at 8:00am every day to start wiping and washing every room from head-to-toe. They worked well beyond 5:00pm to ensure the project was finished for the family. This went on for four straight days until the entire Hampton home was cleaned and deodorized from the fire damage. The fire restoration cleaning had finished a full day ahead of schedule.

Overcoming Fire Damage

The family was thrilled to get back into their home in such a timely manner. The fire restoration cleaning service performed by the team at Soil-Away was a success. The balance of their clothes and belongings were returned the same day they moved back in. Traces of the fire damage had been eliminated. Six days earlier, the Hampton family was devastated by the fire. They did not know where to turn or how to address the damages. Fortunately their insurance company connected them with Soil-Away. Thanks to the proficient fire damage restoration services at Soil-Away, the family was able to enjoy Christmas in their home.
Fire damage to a personal home is a major challenge. Soot can contaminate surfaces. Smoke odor can permeate belongings. Fire can destroy structures. Every fire damage situation possesses different obstacles to overcome. Fortunately, there are fire restoration cleaning professionals such as Soil-Away to help families and business recover from property disaster. If you or someone you know has suffered a fire damage loss, please contact the team at Soil-Away. Soil-Away services south/central NH and northern MA. The company can quickly service seacoast towns such as Hampton, Portsmouth, Rye, Seabrook and Exeter.

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