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Fire Clean Up- Concord, NH

Fire Clean Up- Concord, NH

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Fire damage to a property can be devastating. The thought of losing your home or possessions to a fire is terrifying. Concord, New Hampshire (NH) and the surrounding towns experience hundreds of fires a year. Fortunately, most of the fire damage does not result in a total loss. Property owners are able to partner with a fire clean up company to help recover from the scare. Many Concord families and businesses turn to Soil-Away when in need of fire damage restoration. Soil-Away has been performing fire clean up services since 1990 and is a trusted contractor in NH. Below is a summary of a recent fire restoration project Soil-Away executed for a client.
An electrical fire ignited in the living room. The cause was an overused extension cord. Fortunately the homeowner was home to catch it. A quick response from the Concord Fire Department limited the fire damage. Structural repair needs were minimal, but the need for fire clean up was significant. Soot and smoke damage were throughout the house. Everything needed to be washed down and deodorized.
Performing fire clean up service is typically straight forward. It is hard work, but the projects usually follow the same pattern. On the average fire damage claim, the entire structure will need to be washed from the soot. This includes ceilings, walls and floors. Cabinets, fixtures and appliances also must be cleaned. Content cleaning is another large part of the fire clean up process. In addition to the structure, a restoration contractor should be able to clean the homeowner’s belongings in the house. This is where this specific Concord claim became a challenge. The insured was a hoarder which can drastically complicate a claim.
Combining a hoarding situation with the fire clean up process can be very difficult. That is why on this particular loss the experienced insurance adjuster called on Soil-Away to assist with the restoration services. Soil-Away’s fire clean up crew had to slowly and carefully sift through the belongings of the Concord homeowner. Hoarding situations can pose health risks to building occupants. Soil-Away employees all wore full personal protective equipment (PPE) to minimize personal risk. They cleared through the rooms discarding trash while compiling salvageable contents. The salvageable contents would soon be cleaned and deodorized from the fire damage. This content sorting process was all documented with pictures and notes.
The Concord house took three full days of sorting through the contents. This has to precede the structural cleaning. Once everything was complete, the hoarder house had never looked so good. The fire clean up process was a success.
Soil-Away Cleaning and Restoration offers comprehensive fire clean up services for the greater Concord, NH community. We will clean and deodorize both your structure and contents after they have been affected by fire, soot or smoke. Soil-Away is NH’s only Certified Esporta Operator. We are equipped to restore soft-contents and textiles back to pre-loss condition. Soil-Away also specializes in helping you navigate the insurance claim process. We will work directly with the insurance company to help you recover quickly. Soil-Away is IICRC Master-Certified in water and fire clean up. Contact Soil-Away today to coordinate fire damage restoration services for your NH property.

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