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Filing a Water Damage Insurance Claim

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A flood can cause significant damage to a home or business. The proper restoration can be costly, but necessary to remove bacteria and prevent future mold growth.  In many cases, homeowner’s insurance will cover the cost of these repairs.  This is typically true if the flood is caused by a plumbing problem, storm damage or sewage backup.  However, if the damage is the result of lack of proper maintenance and neglect over an extended period of time many insurance companies will not cover the repair costs.

Many Floods in the Home Are Covered by Homeowner’s Insurance

Some of the most common sources of a flood in the home are leaking pipes, overflowing or malfunctioning toilets or damage resulting from a storm.  In these scenarios, the insurance company should typically cover the cost to repair the property and restore it to its pre-flood condition.  After shutting off the source of the water, you will need to contact the insurance company immediately to begin the process of filing a claim for the damage.  They will then give you the green light to hire a restoration company and begin the process of making necessary repairs to the property.

Gradual Water Damage is Often Not Covered by Insurance

Water damage that is the result of neglect, such as pipes leaking for an extended period of time or a leaky roof that has been left unaddressed, is often not covered by homeowner’s insurance.  This damage, which will certainly worsen with time, is considered lack of maintenance.  Even if the leak went undetected for an extended period of time, this can be difficult to have a claim covered by your insurance company. 

It is important to frequently check areas of your home for any standing water or signs of leakage.  This should include checking the basement around the hot water heater and visually inspecting the roof for damaged shingles that may lead to a slow leak.  Being a diligent homeowner will not only ensure that you are insured if there is water damage, but it can also prevent more extensive damage from the water.

The insurance statements in this article provide general guidelines for typical situations, but do not always apply. Your insurance company will determine coverage. If you have specific coverage questions, we recommend speaking to your local insurance agent to review your policy.

If your home does experience water damage, the professional restoration team at Soil-Away can help.  From drying out the area completely to repairing any structural damage, teams are on call 24/7.

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