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Disaster Restoration Contractors

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Who are you Letting in Your Commercial Property?

When a disaster has impacted your business, it is important that you hire a disaster restoration team that you can trust.  This crew will inevitably be working in your commercial property when the building is empty or near empty of employees. It is critical that the restoration crew that you allow access to your property be someone that you trust, not only from a security standpoint but also to do the job properly unsupervised.

Make Sure Your Restoration Team is Licensed and Has the Equipment to do the Job

You should never hire a restoration contractor that is not licensed and insured.  Having an up-to-date license and adequate insurance will protect you and the contractor in case of an unexpected accident or other emergency.  This is particularly important because your restoration team will be most likely working unsupervised on the property.  Ensuring that their paperwork and insurance is in order will protect your business.  Don’t be afraid to ask for this information before hiring any contractor, and you should be wary of businesses that refuse or are hesitant to share this with you.

Restoring a commercial property after a disaster can be a big job, requiring specialized equipment.  Whether a fire, flood or some other disaster, look for a team that will restore the property the right way.  Just because the property looks back to normal does not necessarily mean that there are not underlying issues that need to be addressed.  For example, in the event of a flood, failing to fully dry out the area in the drywall, floor and other areas can lead to mold growth down the road.  Much of this work will be done without supervision, making it imperative that you are able to trust the restoration team that you hire.

Look for a Restoration Contractor with a Full-Time Team

To effectively restore a property after a disaster, the team must be skilled and experienced in this type of work.  Hiring day laborers or employing contractors will often cause even more problems in the long-run.  After a disaster has affected your commercial property, take care to hire a restoration team that has full-time employees trained in this type of work.  An experienced restoration team, partnered with the right equipment can make sure your commercial property is restored properly after a disaster.

The restoration teams at Soil-Away have decades of experience restoring commercial properties after a disaster.  Fully licensed and insured with a full-time team trained in the restoration process, you can count on Soil-Away to get the job done right. Call now for more information. (603) 641-6555

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