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How to Hire the Right Company for Coronavirus (COVID-19) Deep Cleaning

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Business and community leaders have a lot of pressure on them right now. Dealing with the COVID-19 crisis has been a strain on everything from finances, HR, logistics and beyond. During these challenging times it is important that we have expert resources that we can rely on. This even includes the cleaning industry which seems more important than ever right now. This blog is to help business and community leaders figure out how to hire the right company for coronavirus (COVID-19) deep cleaning at their facilities.

Buyer beware when hiring any old company for cleaning coronavirus

The motivation for this blog came from a conversation I had with a gentleman a couple weeks ago. He called the Soil-Away office to get my thoughts on “jumping” into the coronavirus cleaning business. “I just bought a fancy fogger machine and some cleaning chemicals,” he told me. “I am ready to start disinfecting buildings.” Cringing, but trying to remain composed and respectful, I asked him what he did prior to getting into this business. His response: paving.

I love entrepreneurship and highly encourage it. I also love people’s ability to identify a problem and try to solve it. However, I also value expertise and experience. Especially in the middle of a worldwide pandemic. While cleaning is not rocket science, cleaning and disinfecting buildings for infectious diseases is a different animal. As you look for the right partnerships to help support your organization during the COVID-19 crisis, be cautious of who you are working with. Are you about to hire someone who “just bought a fancy fogger machine” or a company that is fully trained and certified to deal with a very serious problem?

Top qualifying questions to find the right cleaning contractor

With many people jumping into the “coronavirus cleaning gold-rush” right now, you must be extra thorough in screening your contractors. With any crisis comes the risk of scams and unscrupulous people looking to take advantage of the dire situation. Most peoples’ intentions are good, but you still must do your due diligence. Here are some simple, but important questions to ask before you hire a company for coronavirus (COVID-19) cleanup services.

  • How long have you been in business?
  • Can you provide me with references?
  • What certifications do you have?
  • What training have you been through?
  • Are you properly insured to do cleaning for infectious diseases?
  • What is your process for background checks on employees?
  • What is your cleaning process?
  • What products to you use?
  • What is your process for quality assurance?

Coronavirus cleaning services: one-size-fits-all versus consultative partnership

As a consumer, do your best to identify an expert company versus one just selling a “one-size-fits-all” solution. There is no magic bullet for fighting battle against coronavirus in our facilities. It is advisable to find a company who does a proper needs assessment and offers options. Every organization has a different situation and a customized plan should be developed. It does not have to be complicated or exorbitantly priced. It does, however, need to employ common sense, expertise and deliver results. That is the best way to navigate through a pandemic such as COVID-19.

Soil-Away cleaning and applying disinfectants at New Hampshire businesses

If your business is going through the process of trying to hire the right company for coronavirus (COVID-19) deep cleaning call the experts at Soil-Away (603-641-6555). The trained team at Soil-Away is currently working with the following industries in the battle against infectious disease: first responders, medical, pharmaceutical, industrial, warehousing, insurance, transportation, senior living, education, financial, utilities, media and religious. Call today to get the process started.


This article was composed on April 27, 2020 utilizing the most current information available by resources such as the CDC and EPA. The COVID-19 pandemic is a rapidly developing situation. Please understand that information and best practices are constantly updating. Everything in this article is subject to change, but This article was composed utilizing the most current information available at the time it was written by resources such as the CDC and EPA. The COVID-19 pandemic is a rapidly evolving situation. Please understand that information and best practices are constantly being updated by health and government officials. Everything in this article is subject to change. Soil-Away is making every effort to support your facility needs at this time and will continue to monitor changes and adjust its best practices as new information becomes available. At this time, Soil-Away is cleaning facilities by applying EPA List-N approved disinfectants. Clients who engage with Soil-Away understand that no guarantees can be made about cleaning and disinfecting results, and that any information provided is for the purpose of sharing information, and not for providing definitive advice.know that Soil-Away is making every effort to support your facility needs at this time.

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