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COVID-19: Top 3 Cleaning and Disinfecting Needs for Your Facility

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Soil-Away is currently servicing a high volume of commercial clients due to the coronavirus. Proper deep cleaning and the application of approved EPA disinfectants is critical in the fight against COVID-19 spreading. Many essential services and business are still open in New Hampshire. They require a partner, such as Soil-Away, to help them deal with the threat of infectious disease in their facility. Here are the top three cleaning and disinfecting needs of local businesses at the time:

  1. We are open for business and need a proactive risk reduction plan
  2. We are open and need an emergency response plan for a confirmed case
  3. We are closed and want to put together a re-entry cleaning plan

Proactive risk reduction

By now all operating businesses are considered essential services. Most, if not all, of these employers have put together internal protocols to maximize employee safety and minimize the threat of the coronavirus spreading. The major components of these plans typically revolve around personal behavior modification and facility upkeep. Soil-Away is helping NH businesses with the latter.

Facility upkeep is on the forefront of everyone’s mind. Enhanced cleaning protocols have been implemented. Some companies are relying on internal staff to execute these protocols. Many businesses are turning to outside contractors to step up the cleaning game. Soil-Away is offering solutions to help your proactive risk reduction plan. We are currently offering maintenance plans for “touch point” cleaning to supplement your daily janitorial efforts. Several businesses are on weekly or bi-weekly plans for us to apply EPA approved disinfectants via electrostatic/ULV foggering machines. This process enhances cleaning efforts by helping kill more germs on surfaces.

Emergency response plans

What if. What if. What if. That is the magic question business leaders are asking in the event their facility has a confirmed or suspected exposure to coronavirus. Are you going to react to this situation in a state of panic or have a plan in place to execute? You need to have an established relationship with an emergency response partner, such as Soil-Away, in the event someone has cross-contaminated your facility with the virus.

Soil-Away is prepared to respond to facility emergencies: flooding, fire, mold, bio-hazard and in the current situation – a coronavirus exposure. We have PPE (personal protective equipment) and EPA approved disinfectants stocked and ready to go with our trained technicians.

Prior to the COVID-19 outbreak, Soil-Away had established ERP (emergency response protocol) plans with businesses all over New Hampshire. That pre-established relationship has dulled the anxiety amongst these priority clients. If you are interested in establishing a commercial pre-disaster plan, call us today 603-641-6555.

Cleaning for re-entry

Many businesses and organizations that are not open right now are putting together plans for re-entry. While there is still a lot of uncertainty about when and how this will all look, putting together a cleaning plan now is a wise idea. Most of these facilities have had no known exposure to coronavirus, but still want to be proactive when it comes to cleaning. Making an effort to do “due-diligence” when it comes to re-entry and cleaning is going to be a big deal in the nearing future as businesses start to re-open. Soil-Away is currently working with businesses on plans for a one-time deep cleaning prior to re-opening. We are also discussing on-going maintenance plans to combat viral outbreaks in the future.

Soil-Away is your facility disaster response partner

Many restoration contractors are looking to capitalize on the “gold rush” of coronavirus cleaning. That is not Soil-Away. We are a company built on long-term relationships with our clients. We are one of very few restoration contractors in New Hampshire who specialize in commercial disaster restoration and pre-disaster planning. We not only want to be here for you during this short-term storm, but the long run. If you are seeking a contractor to partner with your company for disaster response solutions, give our team of experts a call today – 603-641-6555.


This article was composed utilizing the most current information available at the time it was written by resources such as the CDC and EPA. The COVID-19 pandemic is a rapidly evolving situation. Please understand that information and best practices are constantly being updated by health and government officials. Everything in this article is subject to change. Soil-Away is making every effort to support your facility needs at this time and will continue to monitor changes and adjust its best practices as new information becomes available. At this time, Soil-Away is cleaning facilities by applying EPA List-N approved disinfectants. Clients who engage with Soil-Away understand that no guarantees can be made about cleaning and disinfecting results, and that any information provided is for the purpose of sharing information, and not for providing definitive advice.

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