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Black Mold Issues – Exeter, NH

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The term “black mold” is one that can cause great anxiety. In addition to structural issues, this problem has the potential to cause negative health effects for building occupants. Dealing with black mold at your home or business should be taken seriously. For these reasons it is vital for property owners to partner with the right certified mold professionals.  Working with the right team will ensure the mold removal process is done correctly. Soil-Away recently completed a large “black mold” remediation project in Exeter, New Hampshire (NH). Below is the summary of the successful project.
Commercial property investors had just purchased a multi-unit office/retail space. The Exeter building was over 8,000 square feet with five individual units.  Their goal was to fix up the vacant property and lease it out to local businesses. They bought the building “as is” knowing that there would be issues. Amongst other things, black mold was discovered in three of the units. One of them was severely affected. A couple roof leaks over the long winter had caused water damage. This was the source of the mold problem. The investors had hired Soil-Away for mold remediation projects in the past. The past performance of Soil-Away made the decision easy to call them back to help with this stuation.
Due to the nature of the project, Soil-Away recommended mold testing take place first. The purpose of this is to set expectations and establish a clear scope for the project. The building owners hired an independent third party to test the building. The industrial hygienist performed both tape and air samples in each of the five units. The samples were sent to a lab. The lab report showed that all five of the units were actually affected by the black mold. While the black mold was not visible in two of the units, the spores had made their way through the building to cross-contaminate the entire Exeter structure.
Taking into account the recommendations of the mold testing report, Soil-Away’s mold remediation team could now start their process. First, they confirmed that the roof leaks that had caused the water damage were fixed. Next, they setup engineering controls to ensure project safety and eliminate cross-contamination. The remediation crew started in the unit with the worst black mold problems. They had to remove, bag and dispose of all the ceiling tiles, sheetrock and carpeting. The unit was essentially a shell. The entire space was HEPA vacuumed and wash with an all-natural antimicrobial. This process was repeated in the other two heavily affect units. The final units with lighter mold damage were thoroughly cleaned and treated.
Following the mold remediation crew, Soil-Away’s NADCA certified air duct cleaning team cleaned all the ductwork in the building. The industrial hygienist retested the building following the mold remediation process. The results confirmed that the black mold issue had successfully been eliminated.
Soil-Away has been helping clients in the greater Exeter, NH area overcome issues with “black mold” since 1990. The company is IICRC, NADCA, IAQA, EPA and Esporta certified. If you need help with a mold problem, please contact us to today to schedule an appointment. Soil-Away services south/central NH and northern MA.

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